Skoda Auto DigiLab is now Skoda X, New Hub for Digital Services and Mobility Solutions

Skoda Auto DigiLab is now Skoda X, New Hub for Digital Services and Mobility Solutions

Skoda Auto DigiLab has undergone a transformation and rebranded itself as Skoda X, symbolizing the car manufacturer’s strong commitment to advancing the digitalization of its products and services. Located in Prague, this innovation center has adopted a customer-centric approach and will play a crucial role in the development of digital services for Skoda.

The letter “X” represents the core principles of “Exponential” and “Exploration to Expansion.” Through collaborative efforts, Skoda X aims to achieve a European launch and actively seeks new ideas to enhance its speed and efficiency, striving to reach new levels of innovation. As a new brand, Skoda X will support Skoda Auto’s core business while furthering the digital transformation of its products and services.

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Martin Jahn, Skoda Auto’s Board of Directors Member for Sales and Marketing, commented on this significant transformation, stating, “By transitioning from Skoda Auto DigiLab to Skoda X, we are taking a crucial step in bridging the gap between the laboratory and the real world. As a new brand, Skoda X will independently operate novel digital services with a primary focus on learning from customer feedback. This approach will enable us to genuinely comprehend and fulfill the needs of our customers.”

From lab to reality: Implementing innovation in the real world

Skoda Auto DigiLab initially focused on the development of new mobility services. However, with the changes introduced in the Skoda X, the brand is now transitioning from the laboratory to the real world. The primary objective of Skoda X is to introduce innovative digital services for Skoda cars, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the target group known as the “modern explorers.” The aim is to provide Skoda customers with added value and an exciting experience through these digital services.

Skoda X offers a wide range of new services, smart technologies for car users, and solutions for testing, leasing, and charging. By supporting the customer-focused strategy, Skoda X will enhance the core business of the automaker. The current services provided by Skoda X encompass ‘Pay for Fuel,’ ‘Pay for Park,’ ‘Offer,’ ‘HoppyGo,’ ‘Citymove,’ ‘DigiCert,’ and ‘Charging Hub.’

Pay for Storage with new Fuel Charges

Skoda is proud to announce the introduction of its innovative Pay for Parking service in the Czech Republic, accompanied by the launch of the new Pay for Fuel feature. These services offer convenient and cashless payment options for parking and refueling directly through Skoda’s advanced infotainment system. By integrating these features, Skoda aims to streamline the customer experience and enhance convenience.

With the Pay for Fuel service, customers can now enjoy a hassle-free refueling experience. Leveraging the Skoda car’s integrated GPS system, the service accurately identifies the refueling location. Upon arrival at the fuel station, the customer is prompted to enter the pump number through the infotainment system. This automated process eliminates the need to wait in queues for payment, making refueling quicker and more efficient.

Similarly, the Pay for Parking service simplifies the process of paying for parking. It effortlessly detects the parking location, eliminating the need for manual input from the customer. The payment is processed automatically, ensuring a seamless experience. For added convenience, customers have the option to extend their parking time easily through the user-friendly MySkoda Essentials App.

To facilitate smooth and secure transactions, both Pays for Parking and Pay for Fuel services utilize a credit card registered in the infotainment system. This eliminates the need for customers to carry physical cash or credit cards while parking or refueling their vehicles.

Skoda remains committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the driving experience for its customers. The introduction of the Pay for Parking service and the Pay for Fuel feature exemplifies Skoda’s dedication to providing convenient and seamless solutions that simplify everyday tasks, making the journey more enjoyable for Skoda owners in the Czech Republic.


The Skoda Digital Certificate, accessible through Care Connect Remote Access, offers customers a comprehensive set of vehicle data that proves highly beneficial during the selling process. This data encompasses the vehicle’s identification details, technical specifications, current mileage, prepaid service, and warranty extensions, as well as a complete service history.

By granting customers unrestricted access to this information at any given time, the necessity of visiting the dealership and incurring costs for individual certificates is eliminated. The DigiCert system automatically records the vehicle’s weekly mileage once the Skoda Connect Remote Access services are activated. Consequently, when selling a pre-owned vehicle, DigiCert instills confidence in the car’s condition, ultimately augmenting its resale value.


The Offers service provided by Skoda enables customers to access real-time offers from esteemed premium partners while they are driving. These offers are specifically tailored according to the vehicle’s GPS location, frequently traversed routes, and other pertinent vehicle data. The range of partners encompasses service stations, beverage distributors, stores, and, in select markets, our own establishments.

When these offers become available, they are promptly exhibited on the car’s infotainment system. Customers can effortlessly validate the offer by simply clicking on it or scanning the QR code displayed on the screen. Subsequently, they receive a barcode via email or the MySkoda app, which can be redeemed for the desired product or service.

Hoppy Go

Skoda X is introducing a remarkable transformation to the car-sharing service, HoppyGo, turning it into a highly adaptable mobility platform. This upgraded platform now offers Skoda dealers the opportunity to organize customized test drives. By leveraging HoppyGo, customers can now benefit from an invaluable firsthand experience of driving the Skoda Enyaq iV. This enhanced capability enables prospective buyers of electric vehicles to make well-informed decisions when contemplating their purchase.

Payment Center

The energy storage system incorporates recycled battery modules sourced from previous Skoda Enyaq iV vehicles. This recycling process signifies an exceptionally efficient approach, as it enhances residual capacity while prolonging the overall lifespan of the batteries.

Through the adoption of this energy storage solution, significant challenges associated with advanced batteries are substantially diminished, thereby enabling them to function reliably for a period of 10 years or potentially even longer. Moreover, the implementation of energy storage facilitates the establishment of charging infrastructure in regions where constructing a substantial quantity of charging stations would be technically unfeasible.