Shipping Company FedEx Converts to Electric Vehicles

FedEx, the American delivery company, took the first step in the sustainability goals it announced last year. The company has received the first delivery of electric pickup trucks manufactured by General Motors.

Climate change around the world is causing many countries and companies to increase their actions. Internal combustion engine vehicles also cause significant carbon emissions, increasing the impact of climate change. For this reason, day by day use of electric vehiclesit is becoming increasingly popular both institutionally and personally.

Commercial vehicles are also among those affected. In the news we released in the past weeks, we shared that China started commercial tests of electric buses and took steps towards the use of electric commercial vehicles. It is now an American cargo and logistics company FedEx took an important step in this regard and adopted its first electric pickup trucks.

The delivered cargo trucks will enter service in 2022

Last January, the American automaker General Motors (GM) Its CEO, Mary Barra, announced that the company was starting a new job. In a statement, a large company BrightDrop It was announced that it will manufacture electric vehicles for the transportation and logistics business under the brand name. After that, it was announced that FedEx would be the first customer for BrightDrop’s electric delivery truck called the EV600.

Today, there has been significant progress in this regard. In a press release, it was announced that FedEx has received the first EV600 electric delivery truck. In addition, the company offers 5 pieces that a new car is available, that 495 more cars will be purchased later, and that these cars in 2022 He said that he would start working in Los Angeles. In addition, it is stated that the vehicles received will be used mainly in California, and for this, they will be sent to its conditions and environment. 500 charges the station was established.

Let’s talk a little about the EV600s. Released under the BrightDrop brand, these electric commercial vehicles are coming soon, as are other GM brands. 800V Ultra battery packs and Ultimate Drive using their engines. In addition, cars 402 kilometers for frequency and 16,990 liters It is reported to be capable of carrying loads.


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Mitch Jackson, head of sustainability at FedEx, also said in a statement about this offering, “Converting our fleet at FedEx to electric vehicles is part of our larger sustainability goals. Our partnership with GM also shows how businesses can take action to support a lean future. and emphasized that his company is aiming for a green future.