See the ready-made models of the Greek market

The car market is changing – for the better – and sales reflect this picture. Now there are new cars – almost – available immediately. Look who these are.

Recent years car purchase has changed, presenting serious shortcomings, so much so that it caused several buyers who had an urgent need for a car and could not find it. off the shelf models, even turning to second-hand.

You see that the delivery time was greater than the customer’s tolerance level, reaching and several times even exceeding one year. However, as everything shows, the market is starting to find its rhythmsince shortages in the supply chain are not serious and will not disrupt production, at least as far as we know.

The trend of increasing sales and registration numbers recorded in the first months of 2023, to some extent, testifies to the normalization of the market, after sales that reminded of the good times, behind the times and ten years ago.

Therefore, today we can even talk about vehicles available immediatelyalways within the context of logic, and receipts in one month to classify them in the category of “ready”.

It’s cars that he when the text is written are in the importers systemwhen it is likely that they will sell soon. As the companies informed uscars in their “warehouses”. available for special editions, engines and accessories. Custom orders, as usual, have longer delivery times.

So take a look below at the models that – at this time – are available almost immediately on the Greek market.

THE Alfa Romeo made significant changes to its range, including the addition of Let’s see, of the first C-SUV, which wishes to give it another breath in the market. It supports this with the availability it has, since you can get it easily, as announced by the official importing company. See detailed offers and prices by clicking here.

THE Audi attracts the perfection of its kind, but also its availability. More specifically, there are cars from the following models: A1, A3small SUV, Q2bigger Q3but also in small numbers from Q4. Up in size there is Q5, which is also available. Above, we get Q8 and Q8 e-tron (in limited quantities), and also in only a few cars available e-tron GT.

THE Citroën It has vehicles available from almost its entire range. Starting with the supermini C3but also its version of the cross, with a more adventurous character, the C3 Aircross. There are also cars available for seniors C4 and C4Xwith the middle one C5 Aircross.

THE Cupra It has vehicles available from its entire range. From small to medium Leonto his own “child”. Guardianbut also just electricity Birthshowing the way.

In DS you will find both small DS 3in gasoline versions, (see his experiment here and its prices here), but also diesel, with small-medium luxury and elegant design, the DS 4 in the gasoline version (see its prices here) If you want an SUV, then DS 7 it’s what you’re looking for, but it’s only available in a diesel version (check its prices here and its experiments here)

In his performances Fiat you will also find all the models in the versions that are available. More specifically, just electricity Fiat 500e it can be a suitable companion for your city trips, while if you are looking for a big car, there is 500Xbut also family small and medium businesses Type.

THE Ford It has vehicles available from its entire range. More specifically, there are cars from supermini with powerful features, FiestaB-SUV with its sporty character and modern design, the Cougarbut also bigger Cough. Clean electricity is also available Mustang Mach-Ebut also brutal Raptor in the version with a gasoline engine.

THE Jaguar they are one of the companies that do not have cars available immediately, but only on order

THE Jeep at this point it has only some of its versions Rebel for fast delivery.

THE Hyundai he has found ready for delivery big and brand new Santa Fe. The rest of the systems in its range have a delivery time two to three months for i20, Bayon, i30, Tucsonup to seven months for clean electricity Ioniq 5.

THE Kia it is available in special editions – like many import companies – all models in its range. In more detail you can find it StonicB-SUV of the Korean brand, but also the largest crossover, the XCeed (see exam here) Depending on the special editions, there are also other models in the series, the Picantosmall city car, the SportsKorean brand large SUV, new Nerobut also just electricity EV6. Otherwise, new orders are submitted within three months.

THE Land Roveras announced by the official ordering company does not have immediately available models.

In Mazda you can search for it MX-5, the all time classic roadster, but also a large SUV of the Japanese brand, the CX-60 in plug-in its hybrid version.

THE Mercedes-Benz has its new luxury SUV available for immediate delivery GLwhich emphasizes comfort and quality, in a high-tech package.

THE Nissan It has vehicles available from almost its entire range. More specifically, there is JukeB-SUV with a modern, new design Qashqaibut also brand new X-The way, with its rich equipment, improved quality and modern technology. New electrics are also available A leaf.

THE Opel on the other hand, it has cars available from all its ranges, that is, the Corsasmall and medium Astra,, Mocha,, Crosslandbut also Grandland. In fact, as the people of the import company said, and delivery within a month.

THE Peugeot It has small cars 208but also a larger crossover 2008as well as brand new 408.

THE Renault has in its “storehouses”. Clio in the LPG version (bifuel with gasoline and LPG), but also a large SUV with a coupe design, Arkana.

H A chair has special cars available from the supermini, the Ibiza, but also its B-SUV, the Aaron.

THE Skoda it has vehicles available from its SUV range and more specifically, from the new Kodiakof electricity Enyaqbut also Karoq.

THE Subaru on the other hand it also has cars available, specific to offers, and delivery within a month. More specifically, there is XV in the engine version 1.6 and 2.0 litersalso bigger Foresterbut also outside. From there, orders have longer delivery times, depending on demand.

THE Suzuki has some vehicles ready-to-deliver from various, depending on the version. On the other hand, news S-Cross it takes 1.5 to 2 months for delivery.

THE Tesla continues to impress us with its availability and despite the great demand its models have had. More specifically, there are cars available from Example 3,, An example Y,, An example X (7-8 cars), but also Example S (3-4 cars).

THE Toyota has vehicles readily available for some of its offerings Corollabut also from the new bZ4X.

THE Volkswagen and a large fleet of vehicles seems to be able to serve almost all needs and in fact, immediately. Available in more detail are: Polo, T-Cross, T-Rock, Taigo, Tiguan, Golf, ID. 3, ID. 4, ID.5, ID. Buzz People, ID. Buzz Cargo, Transporter and Technician.

THE Volvo has informed us that it has all models in the range available to order with indicative delivery times.