See the names and photos of each of the bandits who died and were arrested after the Confresa attack

See the names and photos of each of the bandits who died and were arrested after the Confresa attack

João Aguiar/ReporterMT

After one month and six days when a heavily armed gang attacked Confresa (1,160 km from Cuiabá), 18 bandits have already been killed in confrontations with the Security Forces and four have been arrested, two of them provided material support to the criminals. Three are still in the area of ​​Redenção (TO) and the police are still hunting.

About 350 police officers from Mato Grosso, Goiás, Pará, Minas Gerais and Tocantins are forming a task force to find the group. There are 130 police officers from Mato Grosso alone, in Operation Canguçu.

Most of the gang is from São Paulo, but there are also criminals from Bahia, Goiás, Maranhão and Pará.

See below the identity of the criminals:

Image: Disclosure

The attack happened around 5 pm on April 9. The gang arrived in the city in armored trucks. Part of the bandits went to the headquarters of the Police Force in the city and blew up the gate. Then they set fire to the car in front of the site.

Another part went to the headquarters of the Brinks company, connected to the military force. There, the bandits planted bombs on the wall and successfully stormed the place. When they got inside, they went to the safe room and the bombs exploded. The expectation was to take between R$ 30 million and R$ 40 million.

The crooks, however, did not expect Brinks to have a strong security system. One resource was to spread poisonous smoke, similar to sulphur, which prevented them from taking any amount of silver.

After a failed robbery attempt, the gang had to flee. They went to the city of Santa Terezinha, where they had the first exchange of fire with a team from the Tactical Force of Mato Grosso. After that, they managed to escape to the indigenous village of Itxalá.

In that region, the gang abandoned the cars they used to escape, a Toyota SW4 and a Land Rover Sport. Then, they managed to go up the river by boat and reach Tocantins, where a confrontation and death occurred.

The search continues.