See the insurance cost list for the 10 best selling cars in Brazil

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Values ​​vary between R$ 1,600 and R$ 5,500 in Youse’s research

Gilmara Santos

The announcement of the comeback of the popular car gave the auto industry a boost, amid expectations of increased production and sales of cars in the country. But traveling with a car is always wise to insure it against accidents and other risks.

Youse calculated the insurance price, based on the ranking of the 10 best-selling cars in April compiled by Fenabrave (National Federation of Automobile Distributors).

Fiat Mobi leads the ranking as the car with the cheapest car insurance value. Annual model insurance costs R$1,601.70 for a female profile and R$1,846.51 for a male profile.


The quotes are based on the profile of a 38-year-old woman and man, residents of the city of São Paulo, who use a private car and have a bonus grade of 0. In addition, the prices reflect a useful plan, which provides coverage against theft. , theft, fire, spare car and tow truck.

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“During the contract process, the profile of the customer plays an important role in determining the value of the insurance, although it is not the only factor. The region concerned is also a point of change, for example. Another attraction is the personalization of the policy and the insured, according to service and support selected, which also affects this calculation”, comments João Cuco, Youse’s editorial coordinator.


Yet according to the insurtech survey, the Chevrolet Onix Hatch appears in second place with the cheapest insurance, with R$ 1,620.58 for women and R$ 1,869.48 for men in the important program. Then, the Volkswagen Polo costs R$ 1,622.54 for women and R$ 1,872.22 for men.

The best-selling car in Brazil in April with 7,376 units registered, the Chevrolet Onix has insurance calculated at BRL 1,620.58 for women and BRL 1,869.48 for men. The Hyundai HB20, which sold 7,143 units, has policies of R$ 1,650.57 for women and R$ 1,906.27 for men.

On the other hand, the most car insurance among the 10 best-selling cars in April was the Jeep Compass, which cost R$5,109.72 for women and R$5,523.65 for men.


Check the value of the 10 best-selling types of insurance in April

Brand An example Annual value of female profile Annual value of male profile
Chevrolet ONIX HATCH 1.0 12V TB FLEX 5P AUT. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 1,620.58 BRL 1,869.48
Hyundai HB20 COMFORT 1.0 FLEX 12V MEC. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 1,650.57 BRL 1,906.27
volkswagen POLO 1.0 MPI FLEX 12V 5P (Petrol / Flex) BRL 1,622.54 BRL 1,872.22
fiat ARGO 1.0 6V FLEX. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 1,872.02 BRL 2,177.18
Chevrolet ONIX SEDAN PLUS 1.0 12V TB FLEX AUT. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 1,673.52 BRL 1,934.23
Jeep LONG COMPASS. T270 1.3TB 4X2 FLEX AUT. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 5,109.72 BRL 5,523.65
Honda HR-V ADVANCE 1.5 FLEX TB 16V 5P AUT. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 3,440.55 BRL 4,096.00
fiat MOBI LIKE 1.0 FIRE FLEX 5P. (Petroleum / Flex) BRL 1,601.70 BRL 1,846.51
Hyundai CRETA ACTION 1.6 16V FLEX AUT. (Petroleum / Flex)

BRL 2,019.52

BRL 2,357.76
volkswagen T-CROSS HIG. 250 TSI 1.4 FLEX 16V 5P AUT (Petrol / Flex) BRL 3,897.34 BRL 4,966.46

Source: Youse