Scandal accident of Audi e-tron: Its battery flew on the road

Scandal accident of Audi e-tron: Its battery flew on the road

Audi e-tron in a serious accident battery get lost Yes, you read that right, a battery pack in an electric car. leave the body he jumped on the road. This accident, which indicates possible design errors in the car, is undoubtedly management authorities it will get your attention.

Audi e-tron driver for a red light He is distracted as he quickly approaches. The person behind the wheel is to avoid hitting cars stopped at the light from behind. from their right trying to pass but this time running a green light Toyota CorollaIt beats fast.

The battery is the heaviest part of an electric vehicle

When we look at the pictures of the accident, the battery was broken from the body and removed from the car. a few meters away We see you flying. This is usually unacceptable. Very heavy battery to the people and can cause serious damage to the environment. luckily anyone it didn’t hit and both drivers escaped with minor injuries.

Electric car battery of total weight make one third to one fourth. So we are talking about hundreds of kilograms of weight. For example, the Tesla Model 3 battery 480 kgif it’s a GMC Hummer battery 1,320 kg in weight.

Audi said it was completely enclosed

Design of electric vehicles, battery packs part of the body structure according to production. This too torsional resistance rise to the top for safety it contributes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Audi e-tron.

Audi previously had an e-tron battery integrated into the body. from 35 points He explained that it had been penetrated inside and so the structure of the body was very strong and safe. However, a fatal accident in Canada did not support this claim. to hide seventy.

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