“Sales of electric cars are not good in the USA”

“Sales of electric cars are not good in the USA”

One of the leading car manufacturers Mazdawas on the agenda today with a statement issued by its CEO: to take.

Mazda CEO, Masahiro MoroAccording to , electric car sales in the United States are still at a very low level and there are not many sales in the market except for Tesla. Moro is completely involved with this topic, “Electric cars are of course important and we are developing them. However, in the United States last year, electric cars took about 6 percent of the total market. This year it is 8 percent. And 57 percent of this 8 percent belongs to Tesla. “Other cars of electricity can’t stop and their stocks are increasing.” he says and also quotes: “How we get a zero-emission vehicle portfolio (electric vehicle sales) depends on consumer preferences and social conditions.” It is one of the companies that are generally behind in terms of electronics. Mazda Before this, he came to the agenda with sad news about Turkey. First in the post here featured, official Here as reported Mazda Turkey His adventure ended soon. The company, which has not been active in Turkey recently, wrote on its official Türkiye page, “Mazda Motor Turkey, Mazda has decided to suspend its sales network in Turkey indefinitely. “It will continue to provide after-sales service and spare parts distribution to ensure continued service to Mazda’s existing customers in Turkey.” added the statement. Here as it is said Mazda Turkey General Manager Nurkan Yurdakulwill continue its responsibility for after-sales and spare parts, in this regard there will be no problem for vehicles on the roads sold previously.


The company came to our agenda before this when it announced that it will bring touchscreens to its cars. If you don’t know, they are generally very popular. Mazda There is no touch screen in the cars. The screen that the company installs in the cars is managed directly by the physical controller, and this has been wanting to change for a long time.

Business 2024 CX-5 Along with the model, the cars come with a physical controller. The touch screen also comes into play. The company will install 10.25-inch touchscreens in each version of the CX-5, and thanks to these screens, it will provide better control in its vehicles. Android Auto and CarPlay will also provide support. Google ve Apple These signature systems are well compatible with touch screens, the big manufacturer is finally getting the future in this regard.