Sainz leads Monaco FP1 with red flag – Formula 1 News

Sainz leads Monaco FP1 with red flag – Formula 1 News

Back Monte CarloYa System 1 held, this Friday morning (26), the first free practice for GP of Monaco. At a time when nothing was going on Monegasque Friday, the F1 he stopped the habit in recent years and shows no intention of going back. And the thinnest track on the calendar is packed throughout, Carlos Sainz got the upper hand and was faster.

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In a session with no representative work on soft tires and harder rubber than mediums, Sainz won by a good 0s338 ahead of Fernando Alonsoin aston martin. Third place was lewis hamiltonin repackages Mercedes, which finished 0s663 slow. Scoring the top-4 with four different teams, Sergio Perez.

Charles Leclerchome driver, still appeared ahead of the championship leader, Max Verstappen. The Dutchman felt a lot of problems throughout the training session, reporting a car that was noisy and hard. He even warned that he would return to the pits because otherwise he would fall.

Lando Norris, Esteban Ocon, Walking the Lance It is Alexander Albon scored a top-10. Albon, by the way, closed the training session, because with about five minutes left, he lost the rear of the Williams in St. Committed and done with hit the wall. Red flags and the end of the story. The first red flag appeared when Nico Hulkenberg to suffer tire after scraping the wall and ended up running in the chicane. The red at that time was due to dirt on the track, as the German managed to go to the pits.

O BIG PRIZES analyzes all the activities of System 1 in Monaco in Summary, the period which is broadcast after the second free practice, classification and the main race, each time gps channel on youtube. In addition, BIG PRIZES also comments on the definition of the grid and races on the second screen in collaboration with The Sound of Sports. and marching LIVE It is IN REAL TIME all GP activities Monaco. Recently, TL2 is scheduled for 12 hours (Brasília time, GMT-3).

Carlos Sainz was fastest in the morning (Image: AFP)

Check out how FP1 went:

It’s time to System 1 back to Monaco! At 1:30 pm in the Principality (8:30 am in Brasilia, GMT-3), the category took the narrow Monte Carlo track. The temperature appeared at 26 ° C, and the route reached a temperature of 47 ° C. This is thanks to the sun, which reigned alone, and there are almost no clouds in the sky of the Riviera.

The event featured something new, which had been confirmed in recent days and only appeared now: a special McLaren film, which celebrated victories in Monaco, Le Mans and Indianapolis. Williams also joined in the fun and announced, shortly before the session, popular vote to define special productions to be used in Singapore, Japan and Qatar Health Practitioners.

Instantly, there is nothing to wait on the part of the pilots. Almost everyone lined up or in the next few minutes of the green light and took the track. Complete song from the beginning. Sergio Pérez, the winner of last year’s race, was one of them and even raced to get the first scheduled lap. But since it’s Monaco, it got stuck in traffic and ended up being blocked. Valtteri Bottas, who was following, too. Thus, Lando Norris was the first to set the fastest lap: 1min18s618.

Obviously, with the track full, many people completed laps in the following seconds. When a song got better, it usually got better. The two Aston Martins took the lead, along with George Russell, before Norris reappeared, now with 1min16s875.

Sergio Pérez won the race last year (Image: Red Bull Content Pool)

And the leader of the championship? Max Verstappen was not in front and, moreover, showed discomfort in the car. Already when leaving the pit lane, he complained about the clutch, too hard. In fact, even in the picture you can hear the sound of the power of the clutch. The complaints continued until, 18 minutes into the session, he warned: “I’m going back to the hole, man, or I’m going to fall with a setup like this”.

Pictures from Monaco, always interesting, showed how close the cars were to the wall. And not just proximity: Carlos Sainz and Norris even touched side by side, without causing damage, but showing how close everything is and causing a big problem in Monte Carlo.

Home rider, Charles Leclerc was one more to take the lead in the first free practice, now around 1min14s. Sainz would do the same and cross in 1min14s401, another tip, even if there is traffic ahead in the last sector.

After two touchdowns that didn’t cause much trouble, the first big impact came from Stroll’s hands. The Canadian saw the car pass the Noghes exit and hit the guardrail with the left rear tire. “It looks like everything is fine with the car,” I say to Aston Martin.

The main choice of tires in the first 20 minutes was the use of hard ones, although Ferrari was seen in front of the pioneers. Pirelli has made available the softest types of tires for the weekend: C3, C4 and C5 as, in that order, hard, medium and soft.

Logan Sargeant was the victim of the first car problem. At the entrance to the tunnel, the American athlete appeared slowly and warned, over the radio, that something was wrong with the car. For him, the feeling was that one of the tires was about to come off. Williams asked him to go to the pits, which he managed without stopping the session on the track. After a few adjustments, it was back to work.

George Russell and the new W14 (Image: Mercedes)

And almost halfway through the score, Lewis Hamilton entered the lead! With 1min14s035, he took the lead. With 30 minutes to go and 30 to go, Hamilton and Sainz were the top two, with Norris, Verstappen, Leclerc, Alonso, Alexander Albon, Pérez, Yuki Tsunoda and Oscar Piastri completing the top 10.

If Hamilton was pulling away from the car at the time, Russell was showing some problems. On the radio, he warned that he had the feeling that “the brakes don’t slow the car very well”. Which would normally be bad, but in Monaco it’s a disaster. Mercedes was trying to find its way in what was the first official performance of the ‘new’ W14. Among the many changes made, team buried the ‘zeropod’ concept and adopting a more traditional design for the Monte Carlo, with side bends missing from 2021 in the Silver Arrows.

Among the top finishers, only Alonso posted a time on the hard tyres. And the soft ones didn’t come in even then. Russell went back to talk to Mercedes about the problems, now he said he couldn’t trust the tires. The rear of the car, according to him, was too loose and caused it to slide.

Magnussen hit the wall and ended up with a flat tire (Image: Production)

And then there is the suspension. Nico Hülkenberg was pitted on the exit of the chicane, causing the car to spin. The next photo showed that the tire hole came from rubbing against the wall, one of those that Monaco offers. So then, a red flag for dirt on the track. But it didn’t take long, less than five minutes.

Then, Alonso’s attack on medium tires: the Spaniard spent 1min13s907 and took the lead. Briefly, Sainz accelerated to 1:13.690 with ten minutes to go.

If the expectation was for quick turnarounds in the last minutes, nothing happened. Albon lost the rear of his car in St. Dévote and finish with a bang on the wall. The William’s rear end was badly damaged and the car stopped in the middle of the road. Hence, a red flag and a quick decision that the transaction will not be returned. Sainz finished in the lead.

Formula 1, Monaco GP, Monte Carlo, TL1:

1 C SAINZ JR Ferrari 1:13,372
two PLEASE aston martin mercedes 1:13,710 +0.338
3 L HAMILTON Mercedes 1:14,035 +0.663
4 S PEREZ Red Bull Honda 1:14,038 +0.666
5 C LECLERC Ferrari 1:14,093 +0.721
6 M VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Honda 1:14,244 +0,872
7 L NORRIS McLaren Mercedes 1:14,467 +1,095
8 AND OCON alpine 1:14,585 +1,213
9 L SPEAK aston martin mercedes 1:14,653 +1,281
10 ALBON Williams Mercedes 1:14,666 +1,294
11 V BOOTS Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:14,718 +1,346
12 K MAGNUSSEN haas ferrari 1:14,725 +1,353
13 Y TSUNODA Alpha Tauri Honda 1:14,820 +1,448
14 P FOR GAS alpine 1:14,866 +1,494
15 G RUSSELL Mercedes 1:15,066 +1,694
16 N OF DIFFERENCES Alpha Tauri Honda 1:15,083 +1,711
17 PIASTRI McLaren Mercedes 1:15,192 +1,820
18 L SARGEANT Williams Mercedes 1:15,557 +2,185
19 GZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1:15,684 +2,312
20 N HÜLKENBERG haas ferrari 1:15,785 +2,413