Sacha Chang, a boy who terrorizes Italy: “Extremely dangerous”

Sacha Chang, a boy who terrorizes Italy: “Extremely dangerous”

Without a second thought, he seized the knife and brought about the demise of both his father and a family friend. The tale of the Dutch lad unsettling Montaldo di Mondovì induces a quiver in your wrists. A lad vacationing in Italy who, subsequent to a disagreement, perpetrated a dual slaying, then absconded into the woods.

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Presently, a manhunt is afoot, spanning the expanse of Cuneo’s hinterlands, pursuing the evasive figure. However, the truth is that a nationwide alert is in effect, fueled by the apprehension that Sacha Chang might have relocated.

The pursuers who are tracing his footsteps have disseminated his photograph and described him as a “highly perilous” individual. The sought-after individual stands at approximately 1 meter and 75 centimeters in height, and he was attired in a white T-shirt and shorts during the time of his flight.

Allegedly beset by certain mental afflictions, he is classified as hazardous. In light of this, as per reports from various agencies, the carabinieri has advised inhabitants of Montaldo and its adjoining municipalities to exercise caution in the event of a potential sighting. His flight has yet to be curtailed, and given the intensity with which he carried out the demise of his father and the chum who was hosting them (also of Dutch origin), tranquility is in short supply. An elevated state of alert persists across the vicinity wherein the youth perpetrated the heinous act.