Rumor: Ferrari could come back and save Maserati’s troops

Rumor: Ferrari could come back and save Maserati’s troops

It’s no secret that the Maserati brand is going through a difficult time. Sales have declined steadily over the years, volumes are very low. According to our information, Folgore models do not sell very well. Other models are only expected in a few years For a few weeks now there have been rumors from Italy about one possible rescue of Maserati and Ferrari. These are just rumors, but as the saying goes: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

The current situation at Maserati

Maserati is going through a difficult time. A brand that once stood for luxury and performance is struggling to maintain sales and profitability. The Folgore electric models, which were supposed to represent a new era for Maserati, did not take off as expected. In addition, there are no new models planned for the next few years, which does not really improve the situation.

It is certain that Stellantis, the group that owns Maserati, over time, is interested in the improvement of the brand, following the example of Ferrari in 2016. However, the situation was that Maserati reaches 20% rate. Given the current situation, this change could be even faster. Reports are circulating that Maserati could not use the STLA Grand platform from Stellantis and that Stellantis does not make an internal combustion engine worthy of the trident brand.

A possible scenario would be the creation of a new Maserati division with Stellantis and Ferrari as shareholders. Maserati could then benefit from Ferrari technologies such as the V6 PHEV engine in the 296. However, this remains pure speculation for now.

History of cooperation

It wouldn’t be the first time that Ferrari came to the aid of Maserati. The two brands have been closely linked in the past. The brand with the trident was even under the wing of Ferrari, both owned by Fiat, from 1997 to 2005. Ferrari Enzo and Maserati MC12 are unique examples of this. In addition, models such as the 4200, GranSport, Granturismo, Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante were powered by Ferrari engines, reinforcing Maserati’s sporty and luxurious DNA. The end of the partnership was announced for 2019, shortly before Stellantis was born.

There is no official comment

For now, Neither Ferrari nor Maserati want to comment on these rumours. However, it is undeniable that Maserati would benefit greatly from the partnership. The company would benefit from his knowledge and strengthen its brand image. It remains to be seen if this rumor will come true and if Ferrari will once again rescue the Maserati soldier.