Rolls-Royce to provide major updates to the Trent engine family – Aviation News Transponder 1200

Rolls-Royce to provide major updates to the Trent engine family – Aviation News Transponder 1200

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British manufacturer Rolls-Royce presented major improvements in the engines that power the Boeing 787, A330 and A350.


  • Updates focus on greater component durability.
  • In the face of criticism from Tim Clark, they hope to provide an engine suitable for A350-1000 operations in the Middle East.
  • The new improvements will also provide a point of differentiation from the competition (General Electric).

Notice of Improvement

Also within the framework of Singapore Air Show, engine manufacturer Rolls-Roycegave new details of the improvements it will make to its engines Trent 1000, 7000 y XWB provided for the program Boeing 787, Airbus A330 and Airbus A350respectively, significantly improving its durability and strengthening its position in the long-term full-body aircraft market.

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This comes after last November, the director of Rolls-Royce, Tufan Erginbilgic, commented that the company was investing more than one billion pounds ($ 1.25 billion) in its products that are exclusive to the A330 and A350, but that competes with GE . GEnx-1B in the case of the Boeing 787. This is part of a strategic vision to quadruple its profits to $3.5 billion by 2027, and increase operating margins from the current 5% to 14%. The company had suffered heavy losses in previous years due to the rapid decline in aircraft production due to the epidemic, as well as the development of expensive fixes to the persistent problems that the Trent 1000 has been facing since 2016.

Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace Customer Director, Ewen McDonald, say:

We are no longer talking about overhauling but about creating the best family of advanced engines. That’s what the Trent 1000, 7000 and the two XWB versions are all about. We are making improvements in everything, how can we do that? We have our technology demonstration programs, including the Ultra Fan, and from there we are taking some of the technologies to incorporate them.”


Although no specifics were given, general improvements include new materials, coatings and turbine cooling systems. For the Trent 7000, the updates are based on durability improvements that entered service on the A330neo in 2022, where they expect to achieve twice the time on the wing than the current one.

This package of improvements will be applied to the Trent 1000 TEN engine, which is in the final stage of testing by Boeing, has a new design of turbine blades that increase the flow of cold air by 40% (fan pipe), which reduces the operating temperature and increases the lifetime of the parts, which are expected to have twice the time on the wing that is currently available. By 2026 there will be another 30% improvement, which shows the commitment of the 787 and its customers.

About Trent because the turbines will work at lower temperatures, so the airlines will have a double profit.


Regarding the improvement of the technology improvement that will be ready by 2028. By then they expect to reach twice the time on the wing in the worst conditions such as those in the Middle East, but there will also be a significant improvement where the operating conditions are more favorable. And although today they don’t have a big problem in good conditions, they know that airlines want more durability in bad conditions, so the improved XWB-97 will be a good engine for Middle Eastern airlines.

At the moment, the engine manufacturer’s focus is more on the reliability and durability of its engines instead of improving efficiency.

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