Rolls-Royce showed off its nuclear reactor that will be used on lunar bases

Rolls-Royce showed off its nuclear reactor that will be used on lunar bases

many people Rolls-RoyceAlthough he thinks that it produces only luxury cars, the company also has great expertise in engine production. The company keeps this knowledge in small nuclear reactor use it to build. A nuclear reactor developed by Rolls-Royce It will be used in spacecraft and lunar bases.

Rolls-Royce makes nuclear reactors for spaceships and submarines

Rolls-Royce has recently announced that it may use nuclear power for spaceships and lunar equipment.A small reactornew picture of he tweeted. Rolls-Royce seems to put the safety of its mill first. The company says that every uranium particle in the reactor is covered with multiple protective layers that act as a special barrier system that enables it to withstand adverse conditions.

NASA as Voyager explores before used nuclear power for unmanned space missions, but nuclear power has not been used for space travel – for obvious reasons – until now. Nuclear fission is currently seen as a less expensive way to send humans into space than chemical rockets. This savings is not only valid in terms of costs, but also in terms of taxes.

A new direction of nuclear engines for space

United States Department of Defense, In 2021, it began accepting offers from private companies that develop nuclear systems for spacecraft. However, Rolls-Royce wants to use nuclear reactors not only for spacecraft but also for lunar bases. US Department of Defense and NASA last year Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse, X-Energy And Machine IntuitiveHe requested the development of nuclear power plants for lunar missions and provided funding of millions of dollars.

Almost all British and American agencies see fission engines and lunar reactors as a step towards reaching and exploring Mars. While NASA wants to demonstrate its system in 2027, Rolls-Royce wants to release its small reactor in 2028 and launch it in 2030. In our previous article NASA and DARPAWe have mentioned that, it is also working on many nuclear rocket engine projects.

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