Rollover on a snow-covered road.  There were six young men driving a Dacia.  The driver was 14 years old

Rollover on a snow-covered road. There were six young men driving a Dacia. The driver was 14 years old

A dangerous road accident happened on Sunday, November 26, after 18.00 in Chochołów (Lesser Voivodeship of Poland), on the road to Dzianisz. The driver of the Dacia Duster lost control of the vehicle and rolled. The actions of the irresponsible driver were recorded on the car’s camera by a witness. The record found its way onto the Internet. We write more about the dangerous behavior of drivers on

6 children in the car

According to information posted on Gó, the Dacia Duster was driven by a 14-year-old resident of Tatra County, who was traveling with five passengers aged 14-16. After overturning, all the children immediately ran away, except for the driver, who remained with the crashed car. However, the fugitives eventually decided to return to the location of the overturned car. Two people required medical assistance and were taken to hospital for tests, while the others were transferred to the care of their parents.

The car belonged to the father of the young driver

It is known that the 14-year-old was driving his father’s Dacia Duster. A sobriety test showed that the young man had drunk the minimum permissible amount of alcohol (he had 0.1 per mille of alcohol in his body) – this is according to the information provided by the spokesperson of the Nowy Targ police, Subcomm. Dorota Garbacz. The case is being investigated by police officers from the Czarny Dunajec Police Station, then it will be transferred to the family court.

It is not known under what circumstances the child got the car keys. One can only assume that this happened without the parents’ knowledge. As a reminder, the law prohibits children from driving vehicles on public roads. A person who provides vehicles to someone who does not have the required authorization may face consequences. Article 96 § 1 step 2 of the Code of Minor Offenses provides for fines ranging from PLN 20 to PLN 5,000.