Roger Waters: ‘The Nazi uniform at the Berlin concert was anti-fascist’

Roger Waters: ‘The Nazi uniform at the Berlin concert was anti-fascist’

The co-founder of the Pink Floyd group, Roger Waters, has said that he opposes fascism and racism after causing a stir by wearing a Nazi uniform on stage at a concert in Berlin, causing the German police to launch an investigation against the British musician.

The 79-year-old said the aspects of his performance at Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Arena that were objected to were “clearly” statements against fascism, oppression and discrimination.

“Attempts to present this evidence as something else are false and politically motivated,” he tweeted.

Pictures from the May 17 concert showed the popular singer and bassist wearing a long black jacket with bright red sleeves, holding a gun and pointing it at the audience.

The dress featured a logo resembling a swastika and two crossed hammers – a feature that also appeared on the dress in the film based on Pink Floyd’s legendary album ‘The Wall’ (1979), which was a critique of fascism.

Waters said that playing a “fascist demagogue” has been a hallmark of his performances since “The Wall.”

However, Nazi symbols, flags and uniforms are banned in Germany. Waters is being investigated under separate laws on suspicion of “public incitement,” police said.

The dress Waters wore “is considered to violate the dignity of the victims, as well as condone, glorify or justify the brutal and arbitrary rule of the Nazi regime in a way that disturbs the public peace,” a police spokesman said.

Other German cities, including Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne, tried to cancel Waters’ concerts after Jewish groups, including the Jewish Council, accused him of anti-Semitism.

Waters is a member of a Palestinian movement that targets Israel for occupying land that Palestinians seek for statehood.

He denied the accusations and attempts to cancel the concerts were unsuccessful. The final German tour date at Frankfurt’s Festhalle on Sunday is still listed on Roger Waters’ website.

Source: Reuters

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