Roger Waters: Pink Floyd bassist targeted by German police for ‘Nazi’ uniform

Roger Waters: Pink Floyd bassist targeted by German police for ‘Nazi’ uniform

Their bass player Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, has been investigated by German police for inciting hatred after wearing a Nazi uniform during a concert in Berlin.

Waters, 79, wore a long, black jacket adorned with a red bandana and a metal collar badge resembling an SS officer when he took the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Arena last week.

During the concert, the flag of the 3rd Reich was also hung from the stage. And now, Berlin police have said they are investigating Waters over her choice of clothing.

“We are investigating allegations of inciting public hatred, because stage costumes can be used to glorify or justify the Nazi regime, thus disrupting public peace.“said police spokesman Martin Halweg.

The clothes are similar to those of an SS officer”Halweg added.

Waters is a prominent pro-Palestinian activist who has been accused of anti-Semitic stances. At his concerts in recent weeks, as part of his “This is Not a Drill” tour, he lets a balloon in the shape of a pig with a Star of David painted on it fly over the audience.

During a concert last week, a screen behind Waters displayed the names of Anne Frank and Shireen Abu Akleh, the Al Jazeera journalist who was shot dead last year while covering an Israeli Defense Force raid on a Palestinian refugee camp.

The Association of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis in Germany has called for Waters to be banned from performing in Germany – but the musician continues to deny that he is anti-Semitic and only speaks out against Israeli policy.

And some city officials have tried, unsuccessfully, to ban Waters from performing in Germany because of his controversial views. Throughout his appearance last week, Waters attempted to compare Nazi Germany to today’s Israel while doubling down on his criticism of the country’s treatment of the Palestinians.

At one point, he pretended to fire a gun into a crowd in his Nazi-inspired outfit – worn by members of the fascist organization in Pink Floyd’s 1982 film The Wall, which tells the story of the rocker.

The cross-shaped screen also showed the names of Anne Frank, who says she was killed in Germany because she was Jewish, and Abu Aklehh, who the screen says was killed because he is Palestinian. The Israel Defense Forces have denied involvement in his murder.

Waters also sang “Lay Down Jerusalem (If I had Been God),” while the screen behind him flashed “F$%& the occupation,” according to Bell Tower News reporter Nicholas Potter, who attended the concert last week.

He later pretended to bow, a symbol of Palestinian resistance against Israel, while the words “Palestinian rights” appeared on the screen.