Rivian “opens up” its charger network to third-party brands

Rivian “opens up” its charger network to third-party brands

By 2021 Rivian has started to set up its charger network in the US and Canada, using 3,500 fast chargers and 10,000 Level 2 chargers.

The American company places chargers on highways, in cities, in supermarkets, in restaurants, in campsites, in parks, but also in natural areas, such as in parking areas near cycling and hiking paths, in kayaking areas and in popular climbing areas. .

Until now the Rivian Adventure Network, as its charger network is known, was known to be available only to owners of Rivian models, with the R1T and R1S compatible with all CCS networks used by VW, BMW, GM and many other companies, except Tesla. .

However, the company’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, said today that Rivian will open its payment network to the public as it continues its slow and steady path to becoming a major power company.

Opening its chargers to non-Rivian vehicles will allow them to take advantage of federal incentives for the spread of electric vehicles, and according to early reports, the network will “open” next year.