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02/03/2023 Financial reports from major technology companies have disappointed Wall Street and signaled further declines. Despite a festive quarter in many business segments, tech giants failed to meet analysts’ expectations. With the economic slowdown and weak consumer sentiment, it seems that the year of the “price system” of 2023 could be a challenge for Silicon Valley bosses.

11/10/2022 Rivian Automotive ( RIVN.US ) reported Q3 2022 results yesterday after the Wall Street session ended. The US electric car maker reported lower sales but also posted a smaller-than-expected adjusted loss per share. Q3 revenue came in at $536 million (est. $551.6 million), while adjusted loss per share was $1.57 (est. – $1.82). The net loss of $1.72 billion was wider than the $1.23 billion reported in 3Q 2021. The cash balance at the end of the quarter also fell to $13.8 billion at the end of 3Q 2022, from 15.5 billion at the end of Q2 2022. However, the company said it is confident its backlog of cash will last until 2025. Pre-orders for the Rivian R1 series trucks and SUVs rose from 98,000 during the Q2 2022 results release in early August to more than 114,000 now.

09/11/2022 Futures markets today saw the opening more or less of the European session. Early US election results suggest that Democrats will retain control of the Senate, while Republicans will gain control of the House of Representatives. However, it should be noted that these are still preliminary results and final results may vary. However, the separation of powers in Congress was an expected outcome, so we did not see any major moves in the index or the US dollar. Election-related headlines can cause volatility today, but more so if they show a change from the expected outcome, such as a Republican victory in the Senate or a Democratic victory in the House.

10/10/2022 Shares of Rivian Automotive ( RIVN.US ) are down more than 7.5% in pre-market trading after the electric car maker decided to recall 13,000 vehicles because a joint in the front axle “may not have been tightened enough” when the vehicles were controlled. made.

04/10/2022 Shares of Rivian Automotive Inc ( RIVN.US ) rose in the market after rival Tesla produced 7,363 vehicles in the third quarter, up 67% from the previous quarter, and maintained its full-year target of 25,000 vehicles.

29/07/2022 This week has been one of great technological uncertainty from overseas. After Snap’s extremely weak results and panic selling, investors were wondering if the BigTech company would confirm the market’s fears of a recession. It turned out that AAA companies (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet) and Microsoft showed satisfactory results, but that cannot be said about Meta Platforms.

29/07/2022 After the end of yesterday’s session, other Wall Street giants reported the results. Apple and Amazon beat estimates and trade higher in pre-market trading today. Major US indices also responded to these reports, which also posted gains.

07/06/2022 Shares of Rivian Automotive Inc ( RIVN.US ) are up 11% in today’s session after the electric car maker’s production quadrupled. The company plans to deliver about 25,000 vehicles by the end of the year.

21/06/2022 Shares of Tesla ( TSLA.US ) jumped more than 10% in Tuesday’s session after CEO Elon Musk announced at a conference in Qatar that he will cut employee pay by 10% over the next three months, for a total of 3 cuts. 5%

11/05/2022 Consumers were increasingly turning to e-commerce before the coronavirus pandemic, but in 2021, when the global market has grown to more than $4.9 trillion, this trend has increased even more. Worldwide spending on cloud infrastructure has grown at roughly the same rate, and is likely to continue as adoption and data demands increase.

11/05/2022 European stock indexes are set to open slightly higher today. DAX futures are currently trading around 50 points above yesterday’s closing prices. Trading is expected to be quiet throughout the European morning as the economic calendar is empty. However, things will look more interesting later in the day with the April US CPI report. The market expects a drop in CPI and core inflation. However, if inflation were to accelerate, the Fed’s hawkish arguments would be strengthened even more, which could have a negative impact on stocks.

03/05/2022 Major stock indexes continued to correct and test strong support levels. In contrast, the US dollar strengthened significantly, which is at its highest value since January 2017. The strengthening of the dollar had a negative impact on the value of the euro and commodities such as gold, which fell below the level of 1900 dollars for each year. open. The Bank of Japan kept interest rates low and the yen broke the magic level of 130 against the dollar.

01/05/2022 U.S. stocks fell sharply on Friday, the decline due to poor results from online retailer Amazon and concerns about high inflation and high interest rates. The S&P 500 stock index posted its biggest one-day decline since last June and closed at its lowest level since last May, Reuters wrote.

14/02/2022 Shares of Rivian Automotive (RIVN.US) rose more than 12% on Monday after George Soros’ fund company disclosed its $2 billion investment. One of the main shareholders is Amazon, which presented impressive financial results for the fourth quarter, thanks to Rivian’s excellent IPO.

02/04/2022 Shares of US giant Amazon (AMZN.US) rose more than 11% in pre-market trading on the back of the company’s strong results for the 4th quarter of 2021. Shares of AMZN.US failed to withstand a strong selling wave on the stock market. NASDAQ index yesterday, losing nearly 8% in late trading. Amazon is an American multinational technology company with a reputation as one of the most valuable brands in the world.

31/01/2022 The old saying that “the US stock market goes up more than it goes down, but it goes down faster than it goes up” couldn’t be more true. In less than three years, they all witnessed three major sales within a few weeks. These are the US-China trade war sales at the end of 2018, the covid-19 pandemic sales in March 2020, and the current sales.

17/01/2022 Ford Motor Company has invested 500 million dollars in the production of Rivian Automotive’s electric trucks. In conjunction with the investment, Ford announced plans to build an electric vehicle (EV) based on the Rivian vehicle platform.

11/18/2021 Rivian Automotive ( RIVN.US ), the American manufacturer of electric vehicles, issued an initial public offering last week on Wednesday. The IPO price was set at $78 per share, but the stock rebounded to close at $100.73 per share in early trading. Shares continued to rise in the following days, becoming the world’s third-largest automaker by market capitalization, behind Tesla and Toyota. However, the price fell by 15% yesterday. Let’s take a closer look at these stocks.

11/11/2021 The trading volume of Rivian Automotive Inc. shares. (RIVN.US) started trading on the stock market. It was one of the largest IPOs since Facebook started in 2012. Shares were priced at $78 for the IPO, above the target range of $72-$74, and raised about $11.9 billion. The company also sold 18 million more shares than expected. However, after the start of trading on the stock market, the stock opened a full 36% higher at $ 106.75, and the value reached 90 billion dollars. The daily maximum rose to $ 119.46, but the stock closed yesterday’s session at the level of $100.73. .


07.11.2021 American electric car maker Rivian Automotive has raised the price of its initial public offering (IPO). The upcoming IPO could value the company at up to 65 billion dollars (about 1.4 trillion CZK). So Rivian could surpass Stellantis in terms of market value, which was recently created by the merger of the Italian-American company Fiat Chrysler and the French competitor PSA. This was reported by Reuters.

04/11/2021 The primary registration of Rivian Automotive shares will take place on November 9 on the Nasdaq stock market (under the symbol RIVN). Rivian expects to raise more than $8 billion in capital from the IPO. The electric car maker recently became a unicorn when the company was valued at $27.6 billion. During the IPO, which is also available to investors through the Freedom24 platform, its value could rise to $53 billion.


02.11.2021 Rivian Automotive, a Tesla competitor, wants to raise up to $8.4 billion (CZK 185 billion) when it goes public. The electric car maker, in which Amazon and Ford Motor, among others, invest, announced this Monday after the end of trading on the stock market in the United States. It will be the third US initial public offering (IPO) in a decade.