Revelation! New Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray and Hybrid

The classic coupe from the other side of the Atlantic enters its electric era with Chevrolet’s 6.2-liter V8 engine and the new Corvette E-Ray with an electric motor for the first time in history.

With everything to reveal about his technological books Name of E-raylong awaited Chevrolet hybrid supercar it was fully revealed today, especially 70 years since the first Corvette appeared as a girl at the Motorama show in New York, USA.

According to the American company, the increased traction that gives the Corvette E-Ray the ability to drive on the front axle also – yes, you got it right, it is a four-wheel drive! – increases active security for the world’s first sports car to combine a naturally aspirated V8 engine with an electric motor.

The center of interest is certain small block LT2 8-cylinder V-shaped naturally aspirated engine 6.2 liters his Chevrolet which also powers the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, produces “sideways” 369 kW, ie something more than 500 horsepower, together with 637 Nm torque, which passes to the rear wheels.

For that occasion, on the front axle we find an electric motor with a rated power of 120 kW, ie 163 horse power, when the combined power of the new Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray reaches 655 horsepower. All this makes the hybrid version of the American coupe The fastest Corvette ever put into productionwhile Chevrolet says that the acceleration from standstill to the first 100 kilometers per hour is equal to 2.5 seconds, the first 400 meters from the station are completed in approx 10.5 seconds.

Hybrid transmission system eAWD it comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery 1.9 kWhwhich gives the new Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray the ability to drive electrically and silently, but for an unknown number of kilometers, after selecting the program. secret way, at speed eeven 72 km / h.

Apart from the new power train, the E-Ray has other features that make it unique. Suspension system Magnetic Cruise Control 4.0, for example, available standard, the The brake is ceramic and bear his signature Brembo, when his tires – Michelin Pilot Sport – with rims 20 and 21 inches.

In terms of external dimensions, the E-Ray is approx 10mm wider than the Stingray. Design-wise, more than the possibility of removing the roof, has different face and the most obvious things of equality, while behind there is new air vents. From there, buyers will be able to choose between 14 exterior colorsincluding new shades of Riptide Blue, Seawolf Gray and Cacti.