Report Copy, What Does It Mean? This is a short definition and example in English, report text about technology

INDOTRENDS.ID – What does the text of the report mean? This is the definition of the text of the report with examples in full English and translation, see the text of the report on technology

Report writing is a type of writing in English that presents information obtained through observation and research about things, animals, people or places.

Generally, report writing is used by students to conduct scientific research in the field.

The structure of the text of the report is general classification and description.

Elements of Report Writing in English

  1. It has scientific truth
  2. Use a standard title
  3. They are usually accompanied by pictures and statistical data
  4. Using the simple present tense sentence structure
  5. Use common nouns
  6. Use related verbs
  7. It consists of something and is connected to other things
  8. Describe different types of groups and not specific individuals
  9. Using conditional logical conjunctions

Example of Writing a Report on Technology

English: Tesla cars

Tesla cars are one of the official electric cars operating in the world today. Electric cars are one of the solutions to protect the environment from the exhaust fumes of conventional cars. In addition, electric power is believed to be more efficient than the use of fuel. Electric cars are also believed to be the future cars that the world needs.

The Tesla car, a product of Elon Musk’s company, has been operating for 15 years. The first Tesla Mobi was a Roadster that was the first generation. However, the car’s main success began when it launched the Model S Sedan in 2012.