Renault Austral vs. Peugeot 3008, can the challenger beat the leader?

Renault Austral vs. Peugeot 3008, can the challenger beat the leader?

Until recently, it was very easy to choose between a Renault or a Peugeot SUV depending on one’s preferences: comfort and gentleness … or courage and strength … each of the manufacturers gave their recipe for a family car, which was very different. .

But with a new one South, there are no more alternatives and make way for top-level competition! Forget aging KadjarRenault started with a clean slate by modeling its services on those of its direct competitor 3008…Which, in support of the sales figures, is now an obvious criterion.

The cards have been reanalyzed. And at this time the calendar favors the soon-to-come. Dapper Austral faces 3008 at the end of his career. So, is the match pre-arranged?

And this fact is especially visible on the highest versions: Alpine Spirit, hybrid and rear wheel drive on the Diamond side… The end of the GT and the plug-in hybrid engine of Simba. Everyone stands with their arguments. But we will focus today on the basic models, and the most common versions of the list.

On board, who can believe that 3008 already has 7 years of work? The multimedia still looks modern, the quality of the finishes is better and in general, the materials that make the furniture are better than Austral.

Austral also now has its own style! More connected than most competitors! Opposite the 3008, it makes a difference mainly with its large 12-inch touchscreen tablet, connected to Google. Faster, brighter and with better graphics.

It must also be said that the size of Austral exceeds 3008 by more than 6 cm. So it comes up in terms of housing. But also at the level of the trunk with an additional fifty liters in the configuration of 5 places.

And yet once again, it is not in its best configuration, because in its most advanced version, the Austral can receive rear wheel steering, which makes it even more pleasant to drive. Equipment that would probably allow it to be as good as the 3008, which retains an advantage in terms of handling. In addition, the Lion is unique and its automatic transmission is available as an option, important these days, especially in this segment.

It’s a little upside down, because in the end, the point of comfort goes to 3008 and it’s the most pleasant Austral to drive. So he wins this fight, with his generosity. But as you have seen, despite its age, 3008 is clearly in the game! Do not forget that it will be completely updated in 2023. So the Lion has not said its last word!