Renault Austral vs Arkana Comparison: Which One to Choose?

Renault Austral vs Arkana Comparison: Which One to Choose?

A new star has emerged on the automotive scene – the sprightly Renault Austral, fresh off the lot and eager to make its mark. But in the shadows lies a seasoned veteran, the stylish Renault Arkana, who has been paving waves since its debut. Both promise adventures through the urban jungle and the open road, but which is best suited for your journey?

Let us examine these contrasts of youth and experience. The Austral bursts with technological marvels like its multimedia wizardry and hybrid potions. It proudly wears the latest innovations from Renault like a fashionable coat. However, beneath the Arkana’s more weathered appearance lies a reservoir of hard-earned prowess. While it may lack the Austral’s snazzy features, years on the asphalt have endowed it with robust reliability.

When the Arkana first strode onto the catwalk, all eyes were transfixed by its svelte sporty silhouette. For those craving a dash of daring elegance, it offered an affordable ticket to coupé fanciness. Even now, it retains a panache that money alone cannot buy. Meanwhile, the Austral dazzles with updates like a fuller cargo room. Yet Arkana’s experience has granted it storage solutions refined over time.

In the end, both promise to thrill and function for the road ahead. The Australian beckons progress with technology untouched, while the Arkana whispers of dependability distilled. For a youthful spirit seeking the newest trends, the Austral shines bright. But those valuing refinement over time will find steadfast companionship in the Arkana’s familiar form. Whichever you choose, both bring their own gifts – now you must decide whether your journey calls for fresh wonder or tested fortitude. The choice, as ever, is yours alone to make.

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Exterior dimensions

While the Renault Austral and Arkana share close exterior measurements, a deeper look within reveals key differences in passenger comfort.

On paper, the Arkana at 4.57m long with a 2.72m wheelbase appears marginally larger than the Austral’s 4.51m and 2.67m. However, its sleek coupé profile means sacrificing interior practicality for sportier looks.

The Austral prioritizes cabin flexibility over flashy styling. Despite its shorter wheelbase, clever packaging maximizes space. Front passengers enjoy ample legroom while the reclining rear seats can comfortably fit full-size adults.

Additional height over the Arkana gives the Austral a more open, airy feel. Tall drivers won’t feel cramped. Cargo space also beats the Arkana with modular seating that expands on demand.

While the Arkana strives to squeeze in extra inches, its lower roofline comes at the cost of headroom. The sleek swooping roof creates a tighter fit. Rear legroom also disappoints given the wheelbase advantage on paper.

So though identical in stats, the Renault Austral proves roomier and more versatile inside. Its strategically designed interior makes the most of every dimension for optimal passenger comfort on journeys large and small. Practicality wins over predetermined perceptions of size.

Measures Renault Austral Renault Arkana
Height (mm) 1618 1576
Length (mm) 4510 4568
Wheelbase (Wheelbase) (mm) 2667 2720
Width (mm) 1843 1821
Ground clearance (mm) 208 145
Front track width (mm) 1482 1562
Rear track width (mm) 1476 1584
Turning diameter between curbs (m) 11.2 11.2

Mastering Maximum Mobility

While both the Renault Austral and Arkana impress with versatile hybrid power, it’s their reconfigurable cargo game that truly separates everyday practicality from sporty aspirations.

For mild hybrid models, the Austral edges ahead with its 500L trunk, besting the Arkana’s already commodious 513L. But E-Tech hybrids see a bigger disparity, with the Austral maintaining a still-respectable 430L to the Arkana’s more constricted 480L.

The difference lies in body style. The Austral’s pragmatic five-door design maximizes every inch, while the Arkana’s swooping coupe roofline demands sacrifices. But extra ingenuity in the Austral expands flexibility further.

Renault unveils Austral SUV overseas; India could get Arkana SUV soon |  Autocar India

With seats folded flat, a spacious 1,525L of items find refuge – a full 256L more than the stylish Arkana can offer. Its higher ceiling and 13cm deeper trunk allow effortless transport of awkwardly-sized cargo.

Even width proves a winning 9cm greater between the Austral’s walls. Making light work of fitting bulky loads side by side.

So while both Renualts earn their keep shuttling people in comfort, the Austral emerges victorious for flexible hauling missions too. Clever space utilization defeats sloping silhouettes to uphold versatility as a top priority for every journey. Masterful mobility for modern lifestyles is its domain.

Prioritizing Passenger Comfort

While both vehicles provide acceptable rear passenger space, Renault Austral asserts its priority on practical habitability. Its nearly 9cm longer rear legroom leaves adults feeling unrestrained rather than cramped over longer journeys.

Shoulder width remains constant across models for easy four-abroad transport. But the Austral caters specifically to shorter drivers through a remarkable 12cm closer seating position option. Control not convention dictates interior form.

Elsewhere, centimeter differences prove trivial – meaning all can relish the airy 1.85m headroom. Quality likewise remains consistently Renault – sturdy if not premium. But design flourishes like Alcantara and contrast stitching lend the Austral a more luxurious ambiance fitting slightly higher aspirations.

Technologically, Austral’s state-of-the-art OpenR Link puts intuitive connectivity at passengers’ fingertips. Its slick 12-inch display and simplified menu bring infotainment firmly into the future. The Arkana’s aging alternative now shows its age against such progress.

Renault Austral : 3 raisons de craquer !

Even equipment parallels fail to undermine the Austral’s relatively premium impression. Its larger optional 20-inch wheels particularly accentuate road presence over the Arkana’s 18s.

While both retain aesthetic appeal, the Austral elevates functionality as a priority. Interior optimization exemplifies its focus on fulfilling every passenger experience – whether transporting five or family-sized luggage. Commitment to user comfort drives this creative contrast above all else.

Engine and performance

While both vehicles stick to front-wheel drive as standard, the Renault Austral and Arkana distinguish themselves through varied vigor beneath the bonnet.

The Arkana keeps things simple with an all-automatic palette. Mild hybrid variants source 140 or 160 horsepower from a four-cylinder motor, while its E-Tech plug-in hybrid musters 143 horses via a 94hp thermal engine and 49hp electric boost.

By contrast, the Austral expands user choice with a manual transmission available. Its own 140 and 160-hp mild hybrids emulate the Arkana, but a more potent 200-hp E-Tech option arises from a 131-hp three-cylinder backed by 34 and 68-hp electric motors.

Performance metrics differ accordingly. Top speeds reach 205kph in the Arkana’s two lower outputs versus a uniform 175kph cap for all Austral versions. E-Tech undercuts the Arkana at 172kph too.

Acceleration favors the spriteliest Austral. Its 200hp configuration rockets to 100kph in a sprightly 8.4 seconds compared to 9-11 seconds for other models.

So while mechanical substance stays consistent as front-drive crossovers, the Austral diversifies the dynamic experience. More power pairs with the ability to row your own for driving pleasure tailored precisely to your preference. Choice reigns supreme amongst these versatile Renault SUV statements.

Efficiency on the Move

While power levels may differ, evaluating efficiency across platforms reveals where each excels on the road.

In mild hybrid guise, the Arkana maintains a slight edge. Its 160hp variant sips just 5.8L/100km versus the Austral’s 6.1L. Opting automatically helps the Arkana eke out every last drop of range.

However, the tables turn under an electrified charge. Despite less output at 143hp, the Arkana E-Tech consumes a whole 4.7L. Then comes the Austral’s sportier 200hp plug-in powertrain storming ahead at a mere 4.6L/100km.

Clearly, Renault’s evolving hybrid expertise shines through Austral’s optimized architecture. More horses work in lockstep with batteries and motors to reward drivers at the pump.

So while frugality favors the Arkana in entry models, its Austral cousin demonstrates electrification done right. Enhanced efficiency meets enhanced performance – a winning combination for the modern motorist focused on sustainable miles.

Either way, both breathe green credentials into the crossover segment. But the Austral reveals Renault hybrids now lead the field in total driving versatility and refinement. A new benchmark in balanced dynamic ability and economy evolves before our eyes.

Conclusion, which one should I buy?

In Summary:

For performance and efficiency, the Austral E-Tech hybrid has a clear advantage over the Arkana hybrid, though a €10k price difference may not justify it.

Among mild hybrids, the Arkana offers better value for money unless you place high importance on the Austral’s newer infotainment system.

Passenger comfort is a win for the Austral, especially its significantly more legroom in the back. Cargo versatility also favors its fold-flat seating and larger maximum capacity.

The Arkana remains appealing for styling individuality as the sole SUV coupe option. Its proportions may also suit certain driving/storage needs better.

Overall the Arkana offers a very favorable cost-to-features ratio, while the Austral brings more innovation, refinement, and flexibility inside – at a higher cost.

Our recommendation would be to choose the Arkana unless rear legroom, infotainment, or maximum cargo potential are top priorities. Test drive both to evaluate which meets your lifestyle needs best given your budget. While different in emphasis, both remain strong choices in Renault’s modern SUV lineup.