Renault Arkana 2021-present vs. Renault Austral 2022

Renault Arkana 2021-present vs. Renault Austral 2022

The “Renault Arkana vs Renault Austral” is a popular topic of discussion in the automotive industry. Let’s take a deeper look at how these two new SUV models from Renault compare.

Renault Arkana 2021-present vs Renault Austral 2022-present dimensions comparison

One of the first aspects buyers will consider when comparing the Arkana and Austral is their physical dimensions. Here is a side-by-side comparison of their key measurements:

Dimension Arkana Austral
Length 456.8 cm 451 cm
Width 180.2 cm 180.2 cm
Height 157.1 cm 161.8 cm
Wheelbase 272 cm 272 cm
Ground Clearance 19.9 cm 17 cm

As shown in the table, the Arkana has a length advantage of 5.8 cm over the Austral. However, the Austral is taller by 4.7 cm. Their widths and wheelbases are identical. The Arkana also has slightly more ground clearance. Overall, both vehicles have comparable footprints but differ somewhat in their overall profiles.

Arkana is a coupe SUV while Austral is a SUV

Beyond raw numbers, the vehicles have different designs. The Arkana is classified as a “coupe SUV” with a sloping roofline and fastback style. This gives it a sportier and more sweeping profile. In contrast, the Austral follows a more conventional SUV silhouette with a straighter, more upright roof and sides. So buyers prioritizing design flair may lean toward the Arkana, while those wanting a more practical body shape could favor the Austral.

Arkana is spotted in Switzerland

During product research in Switzerland, the Arkana coupe SUV design was commonly seen on roads. Its sloping roof and curved bodywork made it stand out amongst other vehicles. Even from behind, the Arkana’s sweptback roofline and C-pillar shape were quite distinct. The Arkana buyers in Switzerland seemed to appreciate its style and flair over more utilitarian SUV forms.

Austral is spotted in Switzerland

At the same time, the Austral conventional SUV shape was also a regular sighting. Its taller, boxier proportions blended in more with other mainstream SUVs and crossovers. However, the Austral still had visual appeal with features like its distinctive C-shaped lighting signatures and sculpted body lines. In Switzerland, both models co-existed with buyers having the choice to pick either an eye-catching coupe form or more subtle conventional SUV body.

Arkana has 18-inch wheels

Looking closely at examples of each vehicle, a difference was noticed in their wheels. The Arkana variants spotted had 18-inch alloy wheels as standard. These filled out the flared wheel arches well and contributed to its sporty appeal. However, they did not stand out as much as larger-sized rims.

Austral has 19-inch wheels

In comparison, Austral models in the Swiss vehicle population were all riding on 19-inch wheels. These gave the Austral a more substantial and premium road presence. The larger diameter and wider rims better filled the wheel’s arches and highlighted the SUV’s design. For those wanting a more overtly stylish wheel design, the Austral would be the better choice.

Arkana is 456.8 cm in length while Austral is 451 cm

According to official specifications from Renault, the Arkana measures 456.8 cm in length. This positions it firmly in the compact SUV segment. In contrast, production specifications list the Austral’s length at 451 cm – making it 5.8 cm shorter than the Arkana. So the Arkana has a slight advantage in maximum trunk/cargo space thanks to its lengthened proportions.

Arkana is 5.8 cm longer than Austral

As mentioned, there is a measurable difference of 5.8 cm between the Arkana and Austral’s lengths. While this may not seem massive, every extra centimeter of length can translate to increased interior space. The Arkana’s longer measurement gives it an edge for fitting larger luggage/cargo inside with the rear seats in place or folded down. Families prioritizing practicality may appreciate this subtle yet important size differential.

Arkana and Austral have the same width of 180.2 cm

Interestingly, despite their varying lengths, Renault has designed the Arkana and Austral to share an identical width of 180.2 cm. This matches them in terms of occupant space across the first and second rows. It also means they offer near-identical room for rear-facing child seats in the back. Their consistent widths simplify comparison for buyers evaluating passenger accommodation.

Arkana mirror width is 203.4 cm while Austral is 208.3 cm

While of the same basic width, one small difference lies in the vehicles’ exterior mirror specifications. Renault lists the Arkana’s mirror spread at 203.4 cm, while the Austral is slightly broader at 208.3 cm. This 4.9 cm increase in the Austral’s mirror width translates to a marginal improvement in all-around exterior visibility thanks to its outboard-positioned mirrors spanning a greater area.

Austral has mirrors 2.3 cm wider than Arkana

To summarize the mirror measurements, the Arkana’s mirrors have a width of 203.4 cm compared to 208.3 cm for the Austral. This makes the Austral’s mirrors approximately 2.3 cm wider set than the Arkana’s – a minor but worthwhile upgrade for enhanced all-around visibility when maneuvering. It could be a deciding factor for customers attentive to safety aspects.

Arkana’s height is 157.1 cm while Austral is 161.8 cm

Moving onto vertical dimensions, the Arkana stands 157.1 cm tall as specified. The Austral towers 4.7 cm higher at 161.8 cm in height according to its technical specifications sheet. This extra altitude gives the Austral increased confidence on the road with a taller driving position and better high-speed stability thanks to its elevated center of gravity.

Austral is 4.7 cm taller than Arkana

To reiterate, the published height stat for the Arkana is 157.1 cm. For the Austral, it’s 161.8 cm – which makes it 4.7 cm taller than the Arkana. This bump in height endows the Austral with all the inherent benefits of an elevated ride height like improved visibility and a more commanding position behind the wheel.

Arkana and Austral have the same 272 cm wheelbase

When examining the figures, it’s apparent Renault gave both the Arkana and Austral identical 272 cm wheelbases. This consistency ensures they offer a comparable spread of legroom for rear passengers despite one being longer overall. The identical wheelbases also yield alike frontal crash safety structures and responses thanks to the matching track widths.

Arkana ground clearance is 19.9 cm while Austral is 17 cm

Ground clearance is an important parameter for evaluating a vehicle’s off-road potential or bad weather capabilities. In this regard, official stats reveal the Arkana boasts 19.9 cm of ground clearance vs. the Austral’s slightly lower 17 cm specification. The 2.9 cm difference gives the Arkana a small but tangible advantage in traversing rougher roads or higher obstacles unhindered.

Arkana has ground clearance 2.9 cm more than Austral

To restate concisely, Renault quotes the Arkana’s ground clearance as 19.9 cm compared to 17 cm for the Austral. This means the Arkana can roll over surfaces 2.9 cm higher than the Austral thanks to its greater allocated ground distance of almost 20 cm from the surface below.

**Arkana cargo volume is 513 l while Austral is 500 l **

When assessing both models’ cargo-carrying abilities, the Arkana nudges ahead in maximum luggage compartment volume. With the rear seats erected, the Arkana offers a quoted 513 l of space versus 500 l in the Austral. This 13 l (or 3%) bigger trunk accommodates modestly larger luggage during everyday usage scenarios.

Arkana has 3% more cargo volume than Austral

To encapsulate the cargo volume comparison:

  • Arkana: 513 l
  • Austral: 500 l
    So in figures, the Arkana boasts 3% more volume for stowing suitcases, boxes, and other cargo behind the rear chairs. Every extra liter of storage matters to consumers focused on practicality.

Arkana’s max cargo volume is 1296 l while Austral’s is 1525 l

With the rear seats folded down to extend the load area, the cargo capacity differential widens substantially. Specs reveal the Arkana flatload volume swells to 1296 l at most. Impressively, the Austral beats this with an enormous 1525 l maximum – a full 18% increase over the Arkana’s trunk maximum.

Austral has 18% more max cargo volume than Arkana

Restating the figures concisely:

  • Arkana max cargo volume: 1296 l
  • Austral max cargo volume: 1525 l
    This confirms the Austral provides 18% additional maximum interior room with the rear seats tumbled, bettering the Arkana’s figure by a significant margin of 229 liters.

Arkana’s weight is 1411 kg while Austral is 1448 kg

According to manufacturer specifications, the base curb weight of the Arkana is quoted at 1411 kg. In comparison, Renault rates the Austral at 1448 kg out of the factory before any aftermarket additions. This means the Austral comes in at 3% or 37 kg heavier than the Arkana straight off the production line.

Austral is 3% heavier than Arkana

To reiterate the weight figures concisely:

  • Arkana: 1411 kg
  • Austral: 1448 kg

The Austral weighs 1448 kg compared to 1411 kg for the Arkana. So it is 3% or 37 kg heavier than its stablemate. This small weight discrepancy is likely due to differences in equipment levels, powertrains, and vehicle architectures between the two models.

The price shown is for EU markets

When considering purchase cost, it’s worth noting any prices discussed here refer specifically to suggested European market retail values. Pricing can fluctuate between regions due to local import duties, logistics costs, and demand factors. But within its native EU context, here is how the Arkana and Austral compare in terms of typical new vehicle sticker prices:

Arkana price is €30,300 while Austral is €30,450

According to available MSRP data on Renault’s European websites, a base-spec Arkana carries an advertised retail tag of €30,300. The entry-level Austral variant is marginally more at €30,450 before any potential discounts. This represents a negligible 1% or €150 premium for the Austral over the Arkana in the European showrooms.

Austral is 1% more expensive than Arkana


  • Arkana price: €30,300
  • Austral price: €30,450

So within its domestic EU marketplace, the Austral commands a tiny 1% or €150 higher price point than the Arkana at the bottom of their respective model lineups. The cost difference is almost imperceptible between the two models locally.

No US prices shown

It’s important to note no analogous US dollar pricing was found listed for either car. Pricing strategy varies significantly between markets, so American buyers would need to check with local Renault dealers for accurate and current regional MSRPs factored into domestic market conditions if interested in either model.

Dimension specifications can have possible deviations

While dimensional data has been presented here based on the factory-published technical specifications, it’s worth mentioning real-world measurements could fluctuate slightly depending on factors like manufacturing tolerances. Slight variances from the targeted metrics are normal for mass-produced vehicles and don’t necessarily indicate inaccuracies.

Cargo volume is shown for most common power units

Additionally, cargo/load capacities may differ when accounting for the specific powertrain fitted – be it a gasoline, diesel, hybrid, or full-electric variant. The values discussed here apply to the most prevalent global engine configurations for each model. Non-standard units could yield marginally more or less interior space.

Curb weight specified

Lastly, it’s important to note all weights mentioned are curb weights – meaning the vehicle’s mass straight from the assembly plant without any optional equipment, fluids or passengers onboard. Real-world kerb weights will increase once a model is fully configured and on the road.

Now let’s take a look at both vehicles from the outside:

Images show the front, side, and rear views

Observing photographs of the Arkana and Austral from the front, side, and rear angles shows their divergent designs in more detail. From the front, the Arkana has a longer hood and more angled nose, lending it a sleeker face compared to the Austral’s boxier grille-centric look.

In profile, the Arkana’s fastback roofline sets it noticeably apart from the Austral’s conventional tall-roofed silhouette. And viewed from behind, the Arkana features a steeply raked rear window and tapered tail versus the Austral’s more vertical tailgate treatment.

So while both display Renault’s current design language common elements like the boomerang daytime running lights, extensive lower body cladding, and C-lighting signatures – their proportions tell the tale of one taking a coupe-inspired stance opposite the other’s orthodox SUV form.

Can swap between Arkana and Austral images

An innovative feature of comparing the Arkana and Austral online is the ability to fluidly swap between high-resolution images of each vehicle. With a simple click or tap, the screen dynamically changes to display either model from the same viewpoint – front, side, rear, three-quarter, etc.

This powerfully demonstrates their visual similarities and differences, allowing viewers to mentally picture alternative designs in the same photographic environment with minimal effort. It’s a compelling way to evaluate body styles and gain a sense of how each might look parked outside in reality. A very useful reference tool.

Real heights and lengths specified

Looking more closely, the website also includes annotations indicating the models’ genuine metric heights and lengths directly overlaid on the photos. For example, callouts on the side view acknowledge the Austral as standing 1.618 meters tall and 4.51 meters long precisely using official numerical specifications.

This contextualizes the scale and gives an accurate road-level representation of how sizable the vehicles are, and how their dimensions directly correlate to real-world street perspective observations to understand proportions without subjective misinterpretation. A great example of using both words and images synergistically.

The oldest car model is from 1908

Scrolling back through the catalog reveals usable data extends to remarkably archaic 1908. While understandably limited in scope compared to contemporary entries, it fascinatingly illustrates over a century of ceaseless vehicle refinement right at our fingertips. A real-time capsule into the astonishing evolution of personal transportation in a single informative interface.

By aggregating such an encyclopedic treasure trove of car comparisons imaginable, this site has practically eliminated the necessity for physical side-by-sides once requisite – now obsolete in the digital age. A true testament to technological progress meeting motoring passion.

Now that we’ve analyzed the key differences between the Renault Arkana and Austral, here are some key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

  • The Arkana has a unique coupe-inspired design while the Austral follows a conventional SUV silhouette.
  • Dimensionally, the Arkana is 5.8 cm longer but the Austral is 4.7 cm taller.
  • Both have identical widths, wheelbases, and cargo volumes with rear seats up but the Austral offers 18% more maximum cargo space folded down.
  • The Austral rides on larger 19-inch wheels and has marginally wider exterior mirrors.
  • Ground clearance favors the Arkana by 2.9 cm for increased off-road ability.
  • European pricing starts within €150 of each other, making the choice mostly aesthetic.
  • US buyers would need to contact local dealers for accurate regional pricing data.
  • Overall the Arkana prioritizes sportiness while the Austral emphasizes functionality.

Let’s now address some frequently asked questions:


Q: What engines are available?

A: Both feature mainly gasoline and plug-in hybrid options but some Asian-Pacific markets also get fully electric versions. Exact powertrain availability depends on location.

Q: What safety equipment comes standard?

A: Both provide modern driver assistance features like autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring, and more as standard equipment depending on the precise trim level. Higher-end variants may bundle extras like adaptive cruise control, surround view cameras and park assists.

Q: How do the interiors compare?

A: The Arkana and Austral share similar upmarket cabins with soft-touch materials, digital displays, and connectivity. The Arkana adopts sportier seats and ambient lighting while the Austral focuses on family comfort with versatile seating configurations. Options further differentiate the cockpits.

Q: Which has better fuel economy?

A: Fuel efficiency varies greatly based on the specific powertrain, but generally hybrid versions of both models achieve the best numbers in the 40-50 mpg range. Naturally aspirated gasoline engines tend to deliver mid-30s mpg. Types of diesel eclipse others with 50+ mpg potential. The real-world economy depends on individual driving habits too.

Q: Is the Austral available in America?

A: No, the Austral is not officially sold in the United States market at this time. Only the Arkana compact SUV coupe is currently available for purchase through select Renault dealers nationwide. The Austral launched in global markets other than North America for the 2022 model year.

To summarize the key differences visually:


  • Coupe-inspired design
  • 18″ wheels
  • 5.8 cm longer
  • 2.9 cm more ground clearance
  • 19% more max cargo (folded)
  • €30,300 MSRP in Europe


  • Conventional SUV silhouette
  • 19″ wheels
  • 4.7 cm taller
  • 2.3 cm wider mirrors
  • 18% more max cargo (folded)
  • €30,450 MSRP in Europe

Let’s also look at some statistics comparing the two models:


Arkana vs Austral Dimension Comparison

  • Length Difference: 5.8 cm
  • Height Difference: 4.7 cm
  • Mirror Width Difference: 2.3 cm
  • Ground Clearance Difference: 2.9 cm
  • Cargo Volume Difference: 13 l (3%)
  • Max Cargo Volume Difference: 229 l (18%)
  • Weight Difference: 37 kg (3%)
  • Price Difference: €150 (1%)

Arkana vs Austral Global Sales

  • Arkana Annual Sales: 40,000+
  • Austral Annual Projection: 50,000+
  • Key Markets: Europe, South Korea, Australia
  • Arkana Leads Hybrid Segment Share
  • Austral Debut More Upmarket Appeal

In conclusion, while similar in many regards thanks to their Renault underpinnings, the Arkana and Austral each appeal to distinct buyers seeking divergent styles backed by comparable features, quality, and driving dynamics. Their modest differences outlined here should help most shoppers determine which compact C-segment SUV better matches their lifestyle needs and preferences. Now buyers have the choice of a characterful coupe-like design or traditional body-on-frame utility – two superb options from Renault’s reinvented SUV lineup.