Razman Arif Nasution Ready to Break Hotman Paris’ ‘Haram’ Relationship with Iqlima Kim

at Nalar.com – Bareskrim Polri has held the case involving Razman Arif and Hotman Paris on Wednesday (24/5/2023).

In his statement in front of the journalists, Razman was confident that the status of the suspect who tripped him would be cleared.

The name of the case, which was also attended by Hotman Paris, if the expert witness from Razman’s side said that defamation claims can not catch him.

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Also at the event, Razman said that Hotman Paris and his ex-girlfriend Iqlima Kim were engaged.

“They agreed that they were dating, if they were dating why should I be given a penalty, it was accepted there that they were lovers, even though he said he didn’t know anyone at first, but he said Iqlima Kim admitted that they were lovers. dating,” he explained.

Razman also asked Hotman to marry Iqlima Kim.

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Just getting married, just getting married, but it’s also not allowed, because it’s not allowed in religion,” he said.

In response to this, Hotman Paris insisted on continuing to fight Razman Arif in this case.

“This has started to come together. Because really if Hotman has promised to have a legal battle,” he said.

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Hotman Paris also considered Razman Arif in this case just to publicize his name.

“Faced with my diamond, he will definitely lose. Faced with my Lamborghini, he will lose, faced with my office buildings, he will lose. If faced with my urgent work, he will lose. No way, I don’t want to be involved anymore. . In fact, he is the one who goes to the committee social climbing),” he concluded.

What Hotman Paris does is get help from internet users.

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“Hajar bang hotman paris, shame on the bald lawyer,” wrote @nugrohosorong.

“Soon he will be officially detained,” wrote @user-ik2ro2km4u. *** (Faisal)