Preparations for the Implementation of the Free Production Test Program with Astra Toyota, UNIDA Holds an Internal Meeting

Universitas Djuanda (UNIDA) held an internal meeting for the preparation of the free trial program in collaboration between Astra Toyota and the Institute for Research and Social Services (LPPM) and the Technical School of UNIDA on Friday, May 26, 2023 in UNIDA Senate. Conference Room. The meeting was led by the Vice Chancellor III of UNIDA, Dr. Yudi Wahyudin, S.Pi., M.Si and attended by representatives from LPPM UNIDA, Vocational School, New Student Admissions Office (BPMB) and Promotion and Public Relations Office.

The meeting was held to prepare a free test program for four-wheeled vehicles scheduled for June 5, 2023 at the UNIDA campus.

Vice President III UNIDA, Dr. Yudi Wahyudin, S.Pi., M.Si in his presentation said that by doing this free emission test, UNIDA needed to prepare whatever was needed to carry out the free emission test activities. UNIDA as a green university certainly has a role in terms of production and of course UNIDA will always do what UNIDA can do in terms of environment, UNIDA always supports and implements plans regarding sustainable environment.

“This activity needs to be prepared carefully in relation to what UNIDA has to do, costs, communication and others so that when the event takes place it goes well and according to the plan. Furthermore, our plan is to hold a meeting on May 31 with Astra Toyota associations to plan more detailed activities,” said Dr. Yudi Wahyudin, S.Pi., M.Sc.