“Porsche’s Formula 1 entry plan is not over”

“Porsche’s Formula 1 entry plan is not over”

The FIA ​​has announced that Porsche has not abandoned its plan to enter Formula 1, although the German automaker’s previous deal with Red Bull was cancelled.

The Volkswagen Group was keen to bring two of its brands into Formula 1 by 2026, and Porsche was initially preparing to partner with Red Bull.

Although Porsche’s talks with the Austrian team came to an end, the parties could not agree on the details and so the deal was cancelled.

Red Bull were worried that if Porsche joined them as a shareholder, they could jeopardize their “independence”, which has been one of their greatest strengths over the years.

Negative talks with Red Bull left Porsche with little choice to enter F1.

Although Porsche confirmed in its latest statement that its plans to enter F1 are continuing, it did not provide details.

Porsche F1 car rendering

Photo by: Camille Debastiani

Although the German media claimed that Porsche had given up on entering F1 in the past weeks, it has now been revealed that Porsche is in talks with some teams.

Following Wednesday’s World Sports Council meeting, the FIA ​​confirmed that Porsche has not abandoned its plans to enter F1.

“The Audi brand announced in August at Spa-Francorchamps that it will join the FIA ​​Formula 1 World Championship as a power unit supplier from 2026,” the statement said.

“This announcement was a testament to the great effort put in by all stakeholders to develop these new regulations. We also add that Porsche is continuing discussions with the Formula 1 teams.” it was said.

The FIA ​​has not revealed who these teams are, but the most obvious candidates could be Williams or even Andretti trying to break into F1.

The American Andretti brand has been wanting to enter F1 for a long time, but due to the commercial concerns of other teams, they have not yet been able to implement these plans. However, the involvement of a car manufacturer like Porsche in the sport could convince all stakeholders that Andretti could be important to the sport.

Williams will work with Mercedes until the end of 2025, but they may do different things after that. Although their names are associated with Renault, they will also be very interested in a partnership with Porsche.