Porsche will not partner with Red Bull in 2026

Porsche will not partner with Red Bull in 2026

Porsche has confirmed today that it will not partner with Red Bull in 2026.

Volkswagen Group had approved the entry of Audi and Porsche in Formula 1 for the year 2026, and after this, Porsche had chosen Red Bull as its partner.

The parties have had intense talks in recent months and have agreed on almost every issue.

It even turned out that Porsche will buy 50% of Red Bull, thereby gaining control of the team. But in the end, the parties could not reach an agreement.

It seems that Red Bull did not want to give up control to Porsche in order to maintain the current management structure and flexibility of the team.

As a result, the parties can only establish the relationship of the engine partner, but that is not what Porsche wanted.

Porsche confirmed on Friday that negotiations between the two parties have ended and that it will not form any partnership with Red Bull.

“Porsche AG and Red Bull GmbH have been in talks over the past few months about the possibility of Porsche joining Formula 1,” the statement said.

“After discussions, the two companies concluded that discussions could no longer continue.”

“Our priority has always been not just to be an engine partner, but to have a common core partnership that includes the team. That was also not possible.”

“Thanks to the rule change, Formula 1 remains an attractive destination for Porsche and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.” say.