Porsche Reportedly Will Present 3-Series Electric SUV Prototype

Porsche Reportedly Will Present 3-Series Electric SUV Prototype

15, 2023@15:00 WIB | 235 comments

Porsche seems to be focused on expanding their market reach for electric vehicles. The brand which is famous for its sports car will reportedly present an SUV with electric technology in a 3-row configuration.

Reporting from Motor1, Tuesday (14/3/2023), this electric SUV from Porsche will use the production code K1. Later this car will enter the D segment or full size car segment and can carry up to 7 people.

Then another leak is that this car will be placed above the Cayenne which will be given electric power. In addition, this car will stand under a new platform that Porsche has called SSP Sport, which in addition to providing sporty handling, also has performance that cannot be reduced.

In this product presentation, Porsche boss Oliver Blume said this electric car will come with something revolutionary. “This electric car, apart from prioritizing the best environmentally friendly technology, good practical use and accommodation, also has the task of driving itself with the number one technology,” he said.

He said that later this car will be targeted for sale in the expected countries. Among them, China and the United States are said to have potential because of the electric car and Full Size SUV segments which are considered very promising.

However, Blume said that this car will not be available in the near future. “This car will be available as early as 2027. We are still in the stages of development and research so that we can produce car products that meet our expectations and those of consumers,” he added. [edo/timBX]