Porsche is ready to unveil the sports car of the future

Porsche is ready to unveil the sports car of the future

On June 8, 1948, Porsche presented the 356 Roadster. 75 years later, the manufacturer from Zuffenhausen is ready to celebrate this historic anniversary with a special event that will, among other things, reveal the German brand’s vision for the sports cars of the future.

The celebrations will highlight Porsche’s heritage, performance, pioneering spirit and vision.

No one can know in advance the surprises that this event can hide, however good sources say that Porsche will not present a production version of the sports model but a prototype car that will witness the philosophy that will be followed by the company in the coming years.

Rumors are rife with some saying the event will feature an electric Porsche 718 coming in 2025 or even a hybrid version of the 911.

In fact, fans of the brand would like to see, even in prototype form, a replacement for the 918! However, as everything shows, the “last” Porsche of the new era will be late to appear as the battery technology at the appointed time is not at the level that Porsche would like for its flagship sports car.

Michael Steiner, a member of the executive board of Porsche, said that the new generation batteries are already being developed in cooperation with the Porsche subsidiary Cellforce and will be delivered unexpectedly within the next 2 years.

Future sports proposals from Porsche will have batteries involved, but for the company to get to the point of launching its new “hypercar” on the market, more work is needed in this area.

So on June 8, we will be able to talk with absolute precision and certainty about Porsche’s future plans in the sports car class.