Porsche is celebrating 20 years of the Cayenne with off-road versions

Porsche is celebrating 20 years of the Cayenne with off-road versions

There Porsche Cayenne the first seriesof 2003has been successful all over the world, especially in the Middle East, an area where the characteristics of SUVs they married perfectly. Celebrating 20 years of the modelThe brand’s Middle East and Africa division “challenged” two Porsche importers in the United Arab Emirates, namely Porsche Center Dubai and Porsche Center Abu Dhabi, to create a collection of the first generation of Cayennes ( E1) inside off-road version.

The road version of the Porsche Cayenne

Eight models of the first series of German SUVs have been modified in the United Arab Emirates with standard off-road characteristics, and then sold during the festival. Some Cayennes are equipped with lift and off-road wheels, as well as spacers to strengthen the setup. Others have fitted additional rear wheel holders, lower guards and luggage racks

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Porsche Cayenne: road modification

The two Porsche centers each bought four Cayennes, each in excellent condition and original condition. And it seems clear that, due to their advanced age, some of them still needed intervention. However, a general inspection was carried out. Some Cayenne have been equipped lifting set and off-road wheelsBesides that spacers to strengthen the trim. Others have made gods spare wheel holders behind, some lower body protection and the gods luggage rack.

Porsche Cayenne, the convertible version ever born

Eight facelifted Cayennes will be shown alongside current models at the Porsche Photo Festival in Dubai on November 26 and 27, after which they will go on sale. And, as the story tells itself, it doesn’t look like it will be long.

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