Porsche introduces two new electric bikes

Porsche introduces two new electric bikes

One of the names that signed the most special car models in the world Porschelike an electric car electricity bicycle increases the other side.

Porsche, A company that places great importance on the electric vehicle market. The big name, which offers more than one fully electric model in the Taycan series in many markets, including Turkey, does not miss other areas of transportation and is at the forefront of these areas. electric bike the side is coming. Currently in the details Here we put of electric bicycles the selling company Cross Performance And Cross Performance EXC named examples took out. The bikes in the mountain bike class are among the most experienced names in the field, as reported. Rotwild they came alive. The bikes, which are built together on carbon frames, carry four-piston Magura MT7 hydraulic disc brakes, use Fox suspension and promise high performance with Shimano shift/gear systems. The bikes feature a 250-W Shimano EP-801 mid-drive e-MTB electric motor that delivers a total torque of 85Nm. Cross Performance And Cross Performance EXCrespectively, in full 13 thousand And 15 thousand dollars have an export price. Of course, very expensive models can be purchased in different colors such as red and green, if desired.


The Porsche electric bike ride is in great shape. For example, last year phase came with the purchase. Fazua is a name that produces special motor/battery systems for electric bikes and has extensive experience in the field. Last year, the large manufacturer also established two new companies to work in the field of electric bicycles. One of these companieseBike Performance GmbH“, the other company is”P2 eBike GmbHIt was established under the name of “. of these companieseBike Performance GmbH“At that time, it was stated that they will work on electric bike parts such as motors and batteries, and software infrastructure.”P2 eBike GmbH” is on devices manufactured by other companies. would prepare e-bike prototypes for commercial sale.

If the latter Porsche eBike Performance brand was established. Porsche, also made a major investment last year to become the largest shareholder in Greyp Bikes, which has produced high-end electric bikes. A large producer, who previously had a stake in this company, increased its share in the company with the last investment. In this way, the company, which ensured the future of Greyp Bikes based in Croatia, had made this investment at that time to avoid the risk of another company taking control of Greyp Bikes. After the last step, the Greyp Bikes name was completely removed from the company Porsche eBike Performance took shape. As said, all the electric bike works of the company will now continue under this brand.