Porsche 911 Back Dates Are Bad and Need to Stop

Porsche 911 Back Dates Are Bad and Need to Stop

When Porsche introduced the 964th generation of the 911 in 1989, it was met with great fanfare. MotorWeekJohn Davis called the car “a sensational instrument, if ever there was one.” This design was a radical and evolutionary change to the heralded 911, smoothing over some of the earlier Carrera 3.2’s less appealing flaws. Porsche gave the old machine a hit of botox and an exercise regimen, and the 964 was an instant success. Twenty years after that Davis review, Southern California Singer Car Model he gave same car uncanny-valley visual revamp.

The ball that was put in the development process of Singer completely pushed the car into something new. There is no denying that the engineering behind this car is second to none. It is worth noting here that I have no grudge against Singer, and there is no reason to say the company should not exist. But – and it’s a big “but”.they look like shit.

Porsche 911 Customized by Singer – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

If the 964 cars were completely finished and overbuilt, they would still be amazing and interesting and valuable. The long-standing 911 hood design died in 1973, and it should stay there. No, just like Singer’s closest Porsche rival Gunther Werks does, these cars were meant to be beautiful and refined versions of their own chassis, not Frankenstein’s “best of albums”. It is 964 and should remain 964.

Putting a 1973 model car on a widened chassis doesn’t seem right, and fitting it with a 17-inch version of the Fuchs five-petal wheel is inconceivable. The Fuchs were originally supposed to have a 14-inch design, and were later upgraded to 15. Even the factory-specified 16-inch 911 Turbo Fuchs are too big for the car’s design.

The singer did the Hollywood thing of impersonating a younger version of herself. It looked in the mirror every day looking for something to fix. After spending a few hundred thousand dollars at the surgeon’s office, it came out very run down, sunken in the face, and fake. Indeed, all of its bodywork is carbon fiber and the paint is a mile deep, and the components and fittings are gorgeous. Taken one at a time, surgery was successful in the anti-aging process, but step back and look at the whole, and it’s all gone.

When Singer was making only two or three cars a year, these visual assaults were not a concern. But when production increased and billionaires started pay in millions to them Unfashionable “commissions”. the result was worse. The company has now built 300 examples of the original 964-based machines, and promises to build another 150. The 964 was already the lowest-production Porsche 911 of all time, and before this demand for Singer it was more expensive. generation for enthusiasts to regularly buy, too.

Photo: Singer Car Model

This does not mean that Singer only creates old pictures of the 1970s. The company Turbo Research, DLSand Race-inspired DLS Turbo it’s 1980s-inspired backdate dreck. The All-Terrain Singer Competition Research (ACS) focused off-road., however, is its own thing. The car is still based on the 964, but it can improve and refine the 964 style of the 1990s for something that is the Singer of the future. This was a great project that has sadly been abandoned.

Boring, vague and scary as the Reimagined Porsche 911 by Singer looks, these pale in comparison to the dozens of ugly hangers that have popped up around the world. Deep six-figure builds from British Theon Designand Paul Stephens spring to mind. Countless hundreds of 964s and 993s have been hacked in 911 moment long monkey effort, and none of them seem right. It’s too wide, too long, too modern, too much.

The attention to detail is superb, and Singer’s near-perfect eye for detail is to be commended. I would like to redo every inch of every car of mine to be better, faster, better driving packages with nice paint, stitching, twisted knobs, and a clean leather interior. It is my opinion that Mwimbaji missed the forest for the trees and built something dirty. The $30,000 used car has been entered into the game for billionaires. When luxury car dealers “order” Singer builds cars for sale on Bring A Trailer, something has gone terribly wrong.

The 964s look great on their own. Stop ruining them in an effort to make them look like a pre-1973 911.