Popular real car: 10 used options for up to R$ 20 thousand |  Used and Used

Popular real car: 10 used options for up to R$ 20 thousand | Used and Used

Even with the new government measures announced last Thursday (25), the popular car in Brazil will remain at high levels 60 thousand BRL. Although experts say that changes may be necessary to increase sales, the price remains too high for most people to afford, even more so considering the current interest rate.

As the famous zero kilometers are still out of reach for most Brazilians, Autoesporte lists the following. 10 cars in the range of R $ 20 thousand. We used the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) table as a base.a company specializing in car pricing.

The listings vary and are organized by price range, from the lowest price to the highest price. There are examples Popular with 1.0 engine and less time spent, but some cars bigger and more modern, but older. In this case, it must also be taken into account that maintenance and fuel consumption can be high. Check out:

Volkswagen Gol G3 Plus 1.0 16V 4p 2004 – BRL 15,340

The 2004 Volkswagen Gol Plus is from the G3 generation, considered by many to be the best ever — Photo: Disclosure

the goal was the best-selling car in Brazil for 27 years – even in 2004, the year of production of the first model on this list. For more than R$15,000, you can buy the G3, considered by many to be the best generation of Gol to date.

The Plus version has features such as power steering, air conditioning, electric windows and locks. The engine is 1.0 16V of up to 76 hp. In 2004, it already had convertible technology, and could be fueled with ethanol or gasoline.

Renault Clio Expression 1.0 16V 4p 2007 – BRL 16,450

Renault Clio 2007 has the same look as the model that was discontinued years ago — Photo: Disclosure

The second cheapest car on this list, the 2007 Clio Expression has Good performance for 1.0. Its Hi-Flex engine delivers 77 hp and 10.2 kgfm. This in a hatch of less than 900 kg.

Despite being an intermediate version, it is important to check if the desired model has the equipment that was optional at that time. This is the case for power steering, climate control, electric windows and locks. Among the standard items, front airbags (long before needed), tachometer and rear defogger.

Ford Fiesta 1.0 8V 2007 – BRL 17,500

Ford Fiesta 2007 has rounded lines – it would change a year later — Photo: Disclosure

Fiesta emerges as the most modern option Goalbut it costs more than Clio. The owner of a look that is still pleasing to the eye, the Ford hatchback is attractive for its good construction and driving pleasure. However, it should be noted that this is a 1.0 car – and less powerful than the two mentioned so far. Its 8-valve engine is already variable, and produces 73 hp when fueled with ethanol.

Power steering, air conditioning, power windows and locks may not be available on sale units. It is also worth noting that the Fiesta design would be updated a year later, in 2008.

Citroën C3 GLX 1.4 8V 2007 – BRL 18,620

The first generation Citroën C3 could be a good choice for series items – Photo: Arquivo/Autoesporte

The first model with an engine larger than 1.0, Citroen C3 already reaches R$ 18 thousand, according to the average price of KBB. This is the value of the entry version, GLX, of copies produced in 2007. Its 1.4 engine of 82 hp does a little (just a little) more than the cars mentioned so far.

Bigger The advantage, however, is in providing common items. The C3 brought, from the most basic versions, climate control, electric steering, electric windows and locks.

Fiat Marea SX 1.6 16V 2007 – BRL 19,250

Fiat Marea 2007 just left the factory with a 1.6 engine – Photo: Disclosure

Yes, this is one a controversial example and we are fully aware of it. Despite the bad reputation (often caused by the negligence of the owners), Marea has its appeal. A mid-size sedan, it offers a unique level of comfort on this list. It has air conditioning, power steering, electric windows, locks and mirrors and velvet seats.

If you were afraid, reason to reassure yourself. O 1.6 Corsa Lunga Engine which hosts the SX version simplified engineering compared to the five-cylinder engines of previous years. This engine was also used in the Palio (with reduced piston stroke). There are 106 hp and 15.4 kgfm.

The 2003 Chevrolet Meriva had simpler versions, even without paint on the door handles — Photo: Disclosure

Until 2003, the Meriva had only petrol engines. So the first clue is, if fits your budget, spend a little extra and buy a 2004 model, equipped with a 1.8 8V engine with 109 hp and 18.2 kgfm. Despite being an older vehicle and already nearing the list price limit, the minivan is a more spacious option for those with large families.

It was created in Brazil, together with the German Opel, the Meriva had it Good level of finish, but not much equipment. Air conditioning, power steering, power windows and locks were sold as options. Therefore, it is possible to get units without such items. Well keep an eye out.

Chevrolet Celta Spirit 1.0 4p 2008 – BRL 19,844

The Chevrolet Celta Spirit is one of the most agile on the list – Photo: Disclosure

The Celta is one of the best-selling used cars in Brazil. Released between 2003 and 2015, it has articles advertised for less than R$ 10,000 and can reach around R$ 40,000. Since this list is for models up to R$ 20 thousand, we separate a Spirit 2008 four doors.

At that time, this was the middle configuration of a compact hatchback. Only things like air conditioning and power steering were optional. As usual, bumpers and door handles in the color of the car, rear window wiper and 3-speed ventilation. Since it weighs less than 900 kg, the 70 hp 1.0 engine does not try too hard.

Fiat Palio EX 1.0 2p 2007 – BRL 20,090

The 2007 Fiat Palio is the only two-door model on the list – Image: Disclosure

Spending more than R$20,000 on the KBB table, the Palio EX 2007 is the only two-door car on the list. It is also less power. Its 1.0 Fire 8V engine delivers 66 hp and 9.2 kgfm of torque.

Despite being one of the most expensive on the list, don’t expect much comfort. The Palio equipment list is quite standard. Green windows, a folding rear seat and a hood are standard. At least the Fiat hatch has cheap maintenance and a good level of reliability.

Volkswagen Fox Plus 1.0 8V 4p 2006 – BRL 20,250

The Volkswagen Fox has more interior space than average on this list – Photo: Disclosure

Fox can be considered a symbol of Volkswagen. It was The first model created in Brazil sold in Europe. But the national version was simpler. The Plus configuration selected here features a 1.0 8V engine from the EA111 family. There are 73 hp and 9.8 kgfm – numbers still available in one-liter engines.

And above average interior space for a compact hatch, follows the list format, by not offering, as usual, climate control, electric windows and locks. These products were sold as an option at the time.

Honda Civic LX 1.7 16V manual 2003 – BRL 20,830

The Honda Civic LX is the entry-level option – Photo: Auto Esporte

Already at the limit of the cut-off range of R$ 21,000, the Honda Civic shares the range of the most refined car on the list with Fiat Marea and older with Chevrolet Meriva. The selected version is the LX with a 1.7 engine with simple controls on the head. Therefore, the power is 115 hp, against the 130 hp of those with two orders, and exchange, a five-speed manual.

Although it’s the entry-level version, the LX comes standard with air conditioning, power steering, power windows and locks, radio with CD player and front airbags. As an average model with almost 20 years of use, worth checking the condition of the car closely before closing the deal.

Is it worth paying for a car up to R$ 20,000 in installments?

If you are thinking of financing your new R$ 20,000 car, you have to check the rates. we did a 2008 model financing simulation with 20% down payment (BRL 4 thousand). The total cost effectiveness (CET) of the operation was 1.98%. The packages were:

  • 24x BRL 979.10
  • 36x BRL 731.60
  • 48x BRL 614.24

It must be remembered that this amount can vary depending on the year of the car, the bank used to finance it and even the history of the buyer.

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