Polestar is launching a high-end mountain bike equipped with Ohlins suspension

Polestar is launching a high-end mountain bike equipped with Ohlins suspension

Although the brand has been caught up in a funny logo case in Europe against Citroën, it is now starting to cycle. The last logical decision for a Scandinavian company, in an area of ​​the world where, despite the cold, snow, rain and continuous winter where the days are very short. However, despite those many obstacles, a Swede, a Finn, a Dane or a Norwegian did not hesitate to surround his little queen. Whether on roads, trails and (rarely) mountains, cycling has always been popular. Especially in Sweden, which has brought big names into the competition, especially in mountain biking. And today, an athlete like Jenny Rissveds would probably be proud to control this machine with a strong Swedish accent.

Polestar goes to the bike, very high

Polestar being a premium manufacturer, we didn’t expect an affordable bike. But even then, the guys at the Chinese Geely group may have pushed the envelope a little too far with its first draft! Image question, obviously. Polestar, on the other hand, didn’t start making bikes right away. The design and manufacture of high-end carbon bikes requires experience and solid address books in Asia (there are few carbon parts produced in Europe). Things the Polestar doesn’t have.

The monocoque handlebar/stem is made of carbon© Polestar

So the brand turned to the Swedish manufacturer Allebike, which produced this Alpha Polestar Edition rather interesting. The colors are modest, in the purest Swedish tradition. Polestar prefers neutral colors, the only colors available are white, anthracite and black. It was all slightly elevated by the golden fork and shock body. Moreover, the memory of the car is good here: the suspension is provided by Ohlins with TTX1Air shock absorber and RXF34 fork. Very high quality. Better connoisseurs will probably remember golden reminders of the suspension towers on the Volvo S60 Polestar, damp… Ohlins.

An eye for detail

More or less a derivative of Allebike’s Trail FS, the Polestar bike has been customized in many ways. Reinforcing the top tube in place of the hollow triangle is the Polestar Edition CFRP Frame logo. Just to remind you that you are on a carbon frame. A material that can also be found on the crankset and wheels (with high-end DT Swiss 180 hubs). This also explains the weight of the animal’s fur: 11.6 kg for an average size. It’s light, very light, especially with 29 inches of full suspension and little travel.

Polestar and Allebike offer two versions to suit everyone. Shimano 100% first (XTR group), and the other with SRAM sauce and XX1 group. In both cases, the cream of the crop. The seat area is controlled by wifi thanks to the AXS system. The system is simple: the controls on the handles and the button allow you to raise or lower the saddle. Without any cables, as the receiver and battery are under the saddle.

Polestar bike price? 99,000 Swedish crowns. That is around 9300 €. Elitist, we told you, but given the current state and the list of features, it is almost cheaper than the competition with similar equipment. This Alpha version will in any case go very well behind a Polestar 1 or 2 on a bike rack. But not in France, unfortunately.