Polestar CP1 – An electric transmission concept that should be official

Polestar CP1 – An electric transmission concept that should be official

Electric motorcycles are breaking new ground for traditional motorcycle manufacturers, but they are also bringing some manufacturers who have little or no motorcycle history into the two-wheeled world. The design freedom you get with electric bikes can’t be compared to internal combustion bikes, so designers like Lukasw Wenzhöfer have been working hard. And it was this designer who conceived the Polestar CP1, an electric motorcycle that would be produced by the Swedish car brand.

Although its appearance and even the pictures posted here may suggest that this is an official project, in reality the Polestar CP1 is nothing more than the brainchild of Lukasw Wenzhöfer, with no official connection to Polestar.

For those unfamiliar with the Swedish phenomenon, Polestar has been solidifying a prominent position in electric vehicles. Design, materials and even construction technology make the Swedish car brand successful, with production already exceeding 100,000 Polestar 2 units.

And it was precisely from electric cars that Lukasw Wenzhöfer sought inspiration to create the Polestar CP1, this unofficial electric concept, but which many fans of electric motorcycles are beginning to wish for, as they want Polestar to stand out in this world of electric motorcycles.

Elements such as the split arm rims, the materials used (note that the entire upper part of the bike is covered with a layer of Alcantara and extends over the seat), very strong and prominent lines, or even the famous “Martelo of Thor” in LED, all these were used in consideration of what would be CP1 if it were an official project.

Unfortunately Lukasw Wenzhöfer does not provide any technical data on this bike that we can consider a future sport.

polestar cp1However, looking at the available images, we see that the designer has chosen to install “premium” components such as Öhlins suspension, also Swedish like Polestar, and Brembo Brembo, an Italian brand that we see associated with the best two-wheel models.

The seat seems to be high, which together with the low development allows you to imagine a driving position that will leave the driver completely above the part that is usually the fuel tank. Perhaps that is why the designer chose to cover the entire area with Alcantara, so that the contact area between the Polestar CP1 and the torso of its driver is more pleasant to the touch. The footwells, on the other hand, don’t seem as straight up and back as a sports car.

All this is wrapped in a compact display set that helps maintain the idea of ​​mechanical minimalism.

polestar cp1Now it remains to be seen whether those involved with Polestar will be interested in electric motorcycles. If you want to do just that, this Polestar CP1 by Lukasw Wenzhöfer is a great place to start and will definitely not go unnoticed on the road.

And it wouldn’t even be the first two-wheeled experience for Polestar, as we remember that with the Swedes also from CAKE, they already sold a “high-end” mountain bike that quickly sold out of production!