Polestar 3 starts with Nvidia’s operating system

Polestar 3 starts with Nvidia’s operating system

The Polestar 3 has just been presented and should debut in European stores soon. Volvo’s luxury SUV category is more than just a coupe with 100% electric power, which already exists in droves. However, this car has one feature that sets it apart from others: the steering system.


That’s right, just like the computer or mobile phone that the dear reader is currently using to read this text, the Polestar 3 received an operating system, called Nvidia Drive. It was created by a company that became famous for its video cards and now wants to be a reference in smart cars.

The future model of the Polestar 3 confirms the high level of embedded technology

The operating system is responsible for the main computer of the car and manages the functions of artificial intelligence. In practice, it manages to add driving and assistant functions. Therefore, a single system is able to receive all the data from the sensors and radars and determine the commands of the security tools that are working and useless.

That is, everything that until yesterday the driver had to do in a dangerous situation to try to avoid the worst, Nvidia Drive is able to see and make decisions in milliseconds.

Polestar 3 computer

For this, Polestar 3 relies on Qualcomm devices. The smartphone processor giant developed the Snapdragon Cockpit, specifically for car use. In addition to monitoring the driving aids, the SUV’s computer also provides high-definition screen images, an audio system and other resources. It’s like a car becomes an iPhone with wheels.

The interior of the Polestar 3 is minimalist and without buttons spread across the dashboard and console, everything is managed by the main computer.

The Polestar 3 also features Android Automotive OS, which controls multimedia and navigation functions. This is the same system already used in models such as the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge. The Over the Air (OTA) update system completes the technology package, which in addition to bringing updates to the vehicle’s software, can even adjust the energy parameters and the battery’s power supply.

mechanical assembly

And speaking of the boosters and batteries, the SUV has two engines that can deliver 489 hp and 84 kgfm of torque, in the “basic” version or 517 hp and 91 kgfm in the configuration of the Performance Pack, sold as an option.

polestar 3 2024 white three bedroom attic
In the most powerful option, there is more than 500 hp in four wheels

With four-wheel drive, this electric SUV is powered by a 111 kWh battery, which according to the Swedish manufacturer guarantees up to 607 kilometers of autonomy. The cells have a liquid cooling system and a heat pump to keep the temperature always optimal and not affect the performance of the set.

The suspension kit has a two-chamber pneumatic system. Shock absorbers have electric management, which allows you to control the load and also the speed of the components.

The interior of the SUV

Inside, Polestar 3 is minimalist. The SUV has a floating digital instrument panel. Basically a rectangular screen with no shape to display operating data.

polestar 3 2024 interior ceiling
A sunroof, premium finishes and a Bowers & Wilkins sound system are part of the Polestar 3’s appeal.

In the middle, the SUV has a large vertical screen, which focuses on all the features of the model, including climate control, navigation, multimedia, among others. Even the blinker button was removed and became a small icon at the bottom of the screen.

Like the C40 and XC40, there is no push button start. It is enough to have the key in your pocket, whose car is suitable for driving. Turn the transmission selector and accelerate.

A Bowers and Wilkins 3D audio system with 25 speakers completes the package. Contents that justify its price of 90 thousand euros. Only the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys were missing. go what…


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