Polestar 3 electric SUV introduced: Here are its design and features

Polestar 3 electric SUV introduced: Here are its design and features

Polestar, 100% electric SUV model Polestar 3He lifted the curtain. Polestar 3, which will compete with models like BMW iX and Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV in the luxury electric SUV market, will be able to attract attention with its stylish design and features.

What does the electric Polestar 3 offer with its features?

Remember, Polestar was turned into a sub-brand by Volvo focused on making 100% electric cars. The company first introduced the hybrid-powered Polestar 1 hybrid. Then, the electric Polestar 2 was launched, where the brand aimed to reach more consumers. Now the Polestar 3 is the brand’s first electric SUV.

Returning to the features of the Polestar 3, it is possible to find the influence of the previous models of the brand in the design of the luxury SUV. A small hexagonal panel that gives the impression of a front grille, Thor’s hammer-like LED lights and a muscular front hood with air vents at the tip make the Polestar 3 look very sporty. In profile, the rear-sloping roof, high shoulder line, hidden door handles and large wheels (21 and 22 inches) support this view.

At the rear, the Polestar 3, which attracts attention with its low roofline, body color spoiler, wide fenders and LED taillights that extend from one end to the other, is said to be an aerodynamic model with a drag coefficient of 0.29. Cd. This value is not bad for an SUV, but at the moment, it is possible to say that its competitors (EQS SUV: 0.26, iX: 0.25) are slightly ahead.

The brand’s biggest product, the Polestar 3, will share the same platform as the successor to the current Volvo XC90. The model in question has a length of 4900 mm, a width of 1969 mm, a height of 1628 mm and a wheelbase of 2985 mm. At this point, it is possible to say that although it is a 50 mm shorter car than the current XC90, it has the same wheelbase. The Polestar 3, which offers 484 liters of cargo volume with the rear seats in use, also has nearly 30 liters of storage space in the front.

internal affairs

The design of the three-spoke steering wheel in the interior of the Polestar 3 is quite stylish. The air vents, which feel like they extend from one end to the other, also provide good integrity in the console. In front of the driver is a normal-sized digital instrument cluster, but the 14.5-inch vertical touchscreen in the center compensates for this. Powered by the Android Automotive operating system, the system has built-in Google apps as well as OTA updates and now wireless Apple CarPlay support for iPhone users.

The Polestar 3 models, which will be sold in the first place, will come in the form of two engines and a long range. The Plus and Pilot packages will be offered as standard on cars sold in the first year. The Plus package includes a 25-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system, 22-inch wheels, a heated steering wheel and heated rear seats. The Pilot package includes Pilot Assist (semi-dependent driving system), parking assist and head-up display.

From the second quarter of 2023, LiDAR, an Nvidia control unit, three cameras and four ultrasonic sensor options will also be added to the Pilot package to prepare for more autonomous driving. On the other hand, the first cars sold already have five radars, five external cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors.


In the two-motor, long-range Polestar 3 version, the same permanent magnet motors produce a total of 360 kW (482 hp) and 840 Nm of torque. The electric SUV thus provides all-wheel drive, but all the torque can be directed to the rear axle. With these values, Polestar 3 completes acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds before reaching a final speed of 210 km/h. The optional Performance Package increases the car’s power to 380 kW (510 hp) and 910 Nm, while reducing the 0-100 km/h sprint to 4.7 seconds.

Batteries, charging and infrastructure

A 400V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 111 kWh (107 kWh usable) is used in the electric SUV. The battery, which has an aluminum case, has 204 prismatic cells and 17 modules. With this battery, the Polestar 3 aims to provide a range of 610 kilometers according to WLTP. The model in question supports up to 11 kW AC charging and up to 250 kW DC charging. With DC fast charging, it takes 30 minutes for the battery to reach from 10 percent to 80 percent charge. It is also possible to charge other electric vehicles or electronic devices with energy in the electric SUV battery, where a heat pump is also provided as standard.

The chassis and body of the Polestar 3 is made of steel and weighs 2670 kg. The front weight distribution of the car, which provides a towing capacity of up to 2200 kg, was announced as 50:50. The electric SUV has double wishbones at the front and integral link suspension at the rear. Four-piston front Brembos with 400 mm discs and single-piston rear brakes with 390 mm discs were preferred on the car, where the adjustable air suspension system is also responsible for comfort and driving dynamics.

How much does Polestar 3 cost?

Polestar 3 European price 89.900 euros announced as. The performance package is also priced at 6,600 euros on its own. The price is high because the version that was first offered for sale is a dual-engine and long-range version. In the future, we will see that more affordable versions are released.

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