Polestar 2 owners can download an additional 69 hp and 2 kgfm – Quatro Rodas

Polestar 2 owners can download an additional 69 hp and 2 kgfm – Quatro Rodas

If someone told you that it would be possible to get more power out of your car’s engine by updating the internal system five years ago, you wouldn’t believe it, would you?

But that’s already the truth and everything shows that it came to stay. Polestar has announced that it will introduce an additional 69 hp and 2 kgfm of torque to Polestar 2 EV owners through an update. in the air (PRAY).

This means that the owner of the electric SUV only needs to select the update in the multimedia center and start downloading via the Internet. Simple as that. As easy as downloading an app to your phone.

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The luxury brand is far from being the pioneer in providing this technological service, Tesla has been doing remote updates for a few years, BMW is updating its old electric cars to have the same zero mileage functions and recently even Mercedes-Benz opened more. power for EQS and EQE models in the US through an annual subscription, like a “Netflix” of extra power for electric motors.

Polestar decided to charge customers a standard fee. There is a US$ 1,195 that must be paid when “buying” online.

Two engines, one on each axle, jump from 409 hp to 488 hp and torque from 67.3 kgfm to 69.4 kgfm. With this addition the performance benefits and accomplishes 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. Polestar adds that the update will not affect autonomy.

Happy owners of the SUV-length sports sedan can also add the Performance package, which costs $5,500 and includes Öhlins shock absorbers, Brembo brakes and 20-inch forged aluminum wheels. In this case, the purchase should be made at the “old” way. personally.