Pictures of Elon Musk with his robots caught people’s attention, but…

It can easily be said that Elon Musk’s “strange” behavior has a special reputation on the Internet. Now too, Strange photos of him kissing a robot have taken the internet by storm.

CEO of a construction company David Marvenby sharing pictures of Musk and different humanoid robots on the Internet,”Elon Musk reveals his future wife, who is she?” he asked the question.

Marven tweeted, “Of course, no ordinary person has all the necessary qualities. For this reason, this could be the first robot to be produced with the personality and qualities of a woman who dreams of him, and qualities that no ordinary human can have.“say. And then”Catnilla has sensory devices that run on solar energy, don’t need to be recharged, and “make her feel sad and happy.”“He said he was a robot.

However, he admitted that these pictures are not real. Explaining that these strange images were generated using artificial intelligence, Marven said that the purpose of his participation was “Defining the risks of AI” he said so.

While Twitter users are giving many different comments about the photo and “The trailer for Black Mirror has just droppedThey also sent tweets that approached the event more happily.

Tesla announced last week that five of its Optimus robots were flying and moving. posted a video. This ability, however, was much less than what was promised during the initial launch of the $20,000 model, which was criticized by experts. Despite this, Musk said that these robots “friendsdefines as “.

Tesla Optimus scoffed

head of product at plus One Robotics Cynthia Yeung,”None of this is cutting edge” and added: “Hire a few PhD students and go to some @Tesla robotics conferences.

Based on his tweet, the artificial intelligence researcher Filip Piekniewski he was not happy with this fun-loving robot.

The Optimus has WiFi and LTE connectivity and runs on the company’s autopilot software. Tesla says the Optimus can carry a 20-pound bag with one hand and has improved joints.