Photos of Vietnam’s First Cars Released

The first local and national car manufacturer in Vietnam Vinfast has released pictures of its first two cars. The new cars, which seem to have come from the hands of skilled manufacturers, seem to be quite successful.

VinFast, which has a very successful model based on the new car manufacturer, is the first domestic and national car manufacturer in Vietnam. The sedan and SUV, which will be launched by VinFast, seem to be produced by experienced manufacturers.

VinFast worked with the Italian designer Pininfarina to create its cars, and the collaboration resulted in two very successful pictures. After the preparation of 20 different design drawings, they were presented to the people of Vietnam to choose from and these two designs were chosen.

The VinFast SUV is very reminiscent of the Hyundai Kona, with its small headlights and high beltline accent.


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The sedan, another vehicle from the Vietnamese automaker, comes with a very long hood.

The wings, shown on the grille and the rear end, will be the characteristic features that will distinguish VinFast cars from other cars.

The collaboration between VinFast and Pininfarina truly produces a professional and successful design.

The two vehicles will be unveiled for the first time at the Paris Motor Show on October 2. Vinfast will be the first Vietnamese automaker to participate in such a large auto show.