Peugeot 3008 2024 Price, Release date, Review, & Interior

Peugeot 3008 2024 Price, Release date, Review, & Interior

Introducing the highly anticipated third generation of the Peugeot 3008 2024, which is poised to make its grand debut after an illustrious 8-year career. The unveiling of this exceptional SUV is expected to take place towards the end of 2023 or in the early months of 2024, with sales anticipated to commence around the middle of the following year. Delving into the details of this remarkable new model, we will explore the numerous innovations it brings to the table.

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During the past few weeks, the prototype vehicles of the forthcoming Peugeot 3008 have been sighted on the roads, skillfully camouflaged, featuring a distinct rear hump designed to conceal a range of exciting enhancements tucked away behind it.

Peugeot 3008 2024 Price

The Peugeot 3008 2024 price in Europe has not been released yet. However, the latest update suggests that the 2024 Peugeot 3008 is expected to be available in early 2024 with a starting price of approximately $38,500.

The next generation of the Peugeot 3008 crossover is currently in the early stages of development at Peugeot. Initially, the car was spotted camouflaged in a Citroen C5 Aircross body, but more recent pictures reveal its production panels for the first time. Informal renderings from have attempted to envision the appearance of the new hybrid model before its official debut.

Peugeot 3008 2024 Release date

The forthcoming E-3008, an all-electric vehicle, is set to make its debut in the latter half of 2024, marking its pioneering entry into the market. Following closely after, we can expect the introduction of the E-5008, a larger model that shares mechanical similarities with its predecessor.

Peugeot 3008 2024 Review Video

Peugeot 3008 2024  Interior

The current iteration of the Peugeot 3008 was first introduced in 2016, marking a significant departure from its previous minivan incarnation with its SUV body style. Enhancements were made in 2020 with a facelift that incorporated Peugeot’s distinctive LED fangs, further enhancing its appeal. However, as time swiftly progresses, so do the trends in automotive design, calling for more sculpted bodywork and sportier stances for SUVs. Peugeot has duly responded by transforming the upcoming third-generation 3008 into a coupe SUV.

The focal point of this new model will be its revamped rear section, featuring a noticeably inclined rear hatch that alters its proportions and allows it to rival more upscale competitors. While the 3008 will have a greater height than the marginally longer 408 fastbacks, its overall appearance will exude a significantly sportier aura compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, this new design will serve to differentiate the 3008 even further from its forthcoming boxier sibling, the next-generation 5008.

Peugeot 3008 2024 Price, Release date, Review, & Interior

The forthcoming model is anticipated to feature triple LED fangs at the front, serving as a distinctive characteristic across the entire Peugeot lineup going forward. These will be complemented by the latest 3D pattern on the grille, as well as the introduction of a new crest emblem first seen on the 308 in 2021. The current 3008’s faux bumper intakes will be replaced by a cleaner bumper design, reminiscent of the recently facelifted 508.

On the side profile, a more straightforward and linear character line will be incorporated, accompanied by a rearward sloping roofline. It would not be surprising if Peugeot opted to reduce the plastic cladding around the bodywork, aiming to bestow the SUV with a more sophisticated and upscale appearance.

The slimmer LED taillights, featuring three-claw graphics, are expected to be connected by a dark-tinted trim piece, similar to other Peugeot models. Furthermore, new wheel designs and an updated color palette are likely to enhance the overall aesthetics, while the dual-tone treatment, featuring a black-painted roof and pillars, is expected to carry over to the new generation.

The forthcoming model is poised to embrace the prevailing SUV trend by expanding its dimensions, thus widening the gap between itself and the soon-to-be updated 2008 model, which currently measures 4,300 mm (169.3 inches) in length. The present 3008 model measures 4,447 mm (175.1 inches), and the upcoming iteration is projected to surpass this length. This augmentation in size will enhance the vehicle’s overall proportions and afford greater room for passengers and their belongings, all while maintaining its coupe-SUV design stance.

 2024 Peugeot 3008 And E-3008: Everything We Know About The Electrified Coupe-SUV

In the upcoming iteration, Peugeot plans to elevate the i-Cockpit dashboard of their current model to a new level, anticipating the 2022 standards. Drawing inspiration from the innovative Inception Concept, the refreshed cabin will incorporate various elements. Notably, a revamped 3D instrument cluster and infotainment screen will be integrated, alongside a simplified layout and enhanced usage of high-quality materials. These enhancements will bring Peugeot’s offering closer in terms of sophistication and refinement to premium models such as the BMW X1, Alfa Romeo Tonale, and Mercedes GLA. Moreover, Peugeot intends to bolster the equipment roster by adopting more advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology from Stellantis’ extensive parts inventory.

Stellantis Underpinnings With A Focus On Electrification

Peugeot has officially announced that the upcoming 3008 model will be the pioneering vehicle built on the new STLA Medium architecture. The first variant to be introduced will be the fully electric E-3008, scheduled to make its debut in the latter half of 2023. Following closely behind, Peugeot will also unveil a larger model, the E-5008, which shares mechanical similarities with the E-3008. While the primary emphasis of the new generation will be on zero-emission powertrains, Peugeot will continue to provide alternative options in the form of electrified powertrains for certain markets that are not yet fully prepared for electric vehicles.

The introduction of the STLA Medium architecture is expected to bring notable advancements in electric capabilities, particularly in terms of power output and range, when compared to the existing EMP2 platform currently utilized in Peugeot’s E-308 and various other EVs under the Stellantis umbrella. More specifically, the new generation will offer an impressive zero-emission range of up to 700 km (440 miles). Furthermore, Peugeot will provide customers with the choice of three distinct electric powertrain options for the E-3008.

Excluding the E-3008 variant, the forthcoming compact model is expected to receive the new mild-hybrid iteration of the three-cylinder 1.2-liter PureTech petrol engine, which made its debut earlier this year. In this configuration, the combustion engine is supported by a single electric motor that can generate a maximum output of 28 horsepower (21 kilowatts / 28 metric horsepower). This electric motor is seamlessly integrated into a newly developed six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission known as the e-DSC6, which transfers power to the front wheels.

To store energy, a compact 48-volt battery with a capacity of 898 watt-hours (432 watt-hours usable) is discreetly positioned beneath the front left seat. The mild hybrid setup, in its entirety, delivers a combined power output of 134 horsepower (100 kilowatts / 136 metric horsepower) and a torque of 230 Newton meters (170 pound-feet). As a result of this electrification, the current 3008 model experiences a notable 15% decrease in fuel consumption.

Regarding the availability of plug-in hybrid options for the next-generation 3008, it remains uncertain whether Peugeot will include them in the lineup. The current model offers both single (front-wheel drive) and dual (all-wheel drive) electric motors for customers who require zero-emission capabilities but reside in regions with limited access to charging infrastructure. However, the introduction of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) within the Peugeot range diminishes the significance of plug-in hybrids, particularly for individuals who prioritize zero emissions and do not face challenges related to charging network availability in their respective countries.

 2024 Peugeot 3008 And E-3008: Everything We Know About The Electrified Coupe-SUV

As we approach the anticipated launch of the Peugeot E-3008, we eagerly anticipate that our skilled spy photographers will uncover prototypes with reduced camouflage, providing us with a clearer glimpse of the new SUV’s design elements. Given Peugeot’s strategic approach, it is likely that the electric and hybrid iterations of the new 3008 will bear striking similarities in terms of aesthetics. Consequently, differentiating between them in exclusive reports will primarily rely on the absence of a traditional tailpipe.