Peugeot 208 PcD has a discount of R$ 20 thousand in May 2023

Peugeot 208 PcD has a discount of R$ 20 thousand in May 2023

O Peugeot 208 PCD It is a good option for people with disabilities who can buy a zero km car without tax exemption. Throughout the month of May, the hatch of the French brand will be at a discount that can reach R$ 23,872. versions Like 1.0 MT It is Style 1.0 MT, have a similar reduction of ICMS and IPI. examples Turn on 1.6 AT, Gravity 1.6 AT, Road trip 1.6 AT It is Griffe 1.6 ATthey are only available without IPI tax, since their price is more than R$100,000, including the ICMS ceiling.

Undoubtedly, the Peugeot 208’s greatest triumph is visual, its bold and futuristic lines, bringing a new visual identity to the automaker in the compact segment. Previously, many who chose to buy a car from the French brand were worried about the many complaints related to the engine, but this has failed, at least in the entry-level versions, which use the 1.0 cylinder Firefly engine from Fiat. . In addition, the hatch has great fuel consumption figures and good value for money.

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Fearing to lose a lot of money invested in the car, many people hesitate to buy a Peugeot car, which, by the way, is known for depreciation. Inside, the hatch has no interior space, with 2.53 m of wheelbase, 208 brings good space for the driver and the person sitting on the other front seat, but the rear passengers do not travel comfortably, people with a height of 1, 70 m. , they are already suffering a lot with their knees glued to the front seats. What compensates a little is the well-designed i-Cockpit, with a steering wheel isolated from the panel and good ergonomics.

Entry versions use propellant 1.0 Firefly, capable of generating 71 hp (Petrol) and 75 hp (Ethanol) at 6,000 rpm and 10/10.7 kgfm of torque, always associated with a five-speed manual transmission. Top-of-the-line versions already have 1.6 engine which produces 113 hp with gasoline and 120 hp with ethanol, both at 6,000 rpm and 15.3 / 15.6 kgfm of torque. The transmission is always six-speed automatic.

One of the big wins of the 208 is that it is very economical, especially in the configuration with the 1.0 Firefly engine. According to information from Inmetro, the hatch averages 10.4 km/l with ethanol and 14.7 km/l with gasoline on urban roads. On the road it has an average consumption of 11.3 km/l (Ethanol) and 16.3 km/l (Petrol).

Settings wholesale price PCD stock price discount
Like 1.0 MT BRL 88,690 BRL 67,094.04 -BRL 21,596
Style 1.0 MT BRL 96,590 BRL 72,718.16 – BRL 23,872
Turn on 1.6 AT BRL 103,390 BRL 85,557.35 – BRL 17,833
Gravity 1.6 AT BRL 107,290 BRL 89,219.10 – BRL 18,071
Road trip 1.6 AT BRL 111,990 BRL 91,329.33 – BRL 20,661
Griffe 1.6 AT BRL 116,290 BRL 96,094.76 -BRL 20,196