Peugeot 208 has an advertisement and it becomes a popular car at a price of less than R$ 70 thousand

When the plan R$ 50 thousand famous car It does not come from the bottom, the French automakers in the group Stellantis advertise their models. after Citroën to launch a 72-month financing program for new C3with installments of R$ 999, now is the time to peugeot do an action with close 208. The entry version Kama 23/23 has an offer value of BRL 69,990. That is, with a discount of R $ 10 thousand on the original table.

It should be said that, with this reduction, the Peugeot 208 reaches the same price as the cheapest 0-km models in Brazil, Renault Kwid It is Fiat Mobi. Both have a suggested value of R$ 68,990. This is for those who choose to pay in cash.


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However, this will not be the final amount if the customer chooses to finance. In this case, the French brand needs to enter BRL 20,997, equal to 30% of the value of the hatch. And the rest is paid in 72 installments of R$ 1,179.80, with interest of 1.39% per month and 18.02% per year. In this way, the total amount can reach R$ 105,942.41. Additionally, the brand offers a 0% financing rate option up to 24 installments.

75 hp 1.0 engine

Peugeot 208 Like has 1.0 Firefly flex engine of three cylinders fiat. This gives a power of 71 hp and 10.1 mkgf of maximum torque. With ethanol, the number increases to 75 hp and 10.7 mkgf. The transmission is a five-speed manual. Regarding the list of equipment, the French hatch offers climate control, electric locks, electric front windows, stability and traction control, an assistant to exit the ramp, as well as side and front airbags.


However, it is possible to add more products with the Pack Tech package, worth R$ 3 thousand. This includes, for example, LED daytime running lights in the classic ”saber-tooth” design, a steering wheel with controls, electric mirrors and a 10.3” multimedia center.

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