Palembang KPAI Urges OKU Selatan Police to End Alleged Criminals Against Child Abuse

Palembang KPAI Urges OKU Selatan Police to End Alleged Criminals Against Child Abuse

MATTNEWS.CO, PALEMBANG – The Palembang Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) calls on the OKU Selatan Police to take immediate legal action against Ag (17) the perpetrator of the alleged molestation of Mk (9), a girl in Muaradua Kisam, OKU Selatan which occurred in the South, on Monday, 22 May 2023.

This statement was made by the Chairman of Palembang KPAI, Romy Apriansyah, when he received complaints from the parents of the victim and their families in Palembang and the victim, Friday (26/05/2023) afternoon around 14.00 WIB.

The attitude of Polres not to take action to arrest Ag (the criminal), made the victim’s family uneasy, ashamed and worried.

“We in the neighborhood are already ashamed. Our son is also traumatized. This is a matter of family pride. After reporting, we also wondered why the police have not arrested the perpetrators? That’s why we asked here, how can the perpetrators be charged,” the victim’s parents said in front of KPAI of Palembang, Friday (26/05/2023), afternoon.

Unusual crime
Responding to that, Romy explained that in cases of sexual abuse of children, violence against children is included in the group of extraordinary crimes, similar to drugs, corruption and terrorism.

Because, anyone who has been hit by a case like this, if the victim is an adult, an elderly person, especially in this case a 9-year-old child, will definitely experience long-term trauma. This, according to Romy, should also be of great concern to investigators at OKU Selatan Police.

“As an institution, we at KPAI encourage the OKU Selatan Police to immediately solve the case of Muaradua Kisam in accordance with the applicable law,” he said.

Furthermore, Romy emphasized that although Ag (the perpetrator) is estimated to be 17 years old, he is still classified as a juvenile, this should also be the concern of investigators at the OKU Selatan Police.

Detention and Arrest for Investigation
Responding to the parents’ insistence that the Police arrest the perpetrators immediately, Romy explained that arrest in legal language is defined as an act of temporarily restraining the accused or the accused.

Regulations regarding the arrest and detention of children who are in conflict with the law are contained in Law No. 11 of 2012 concerning the Juvenile Criminal Justice System. Other provisions that also regulate the arrest and detention of minors are listed in Sections 30 to 40.
“According to this law, the arrest of children is carried out for the purpose of investigation for a period not exceeding 24 hours which is calculated based on the working time. However, the arrest of children must be done humanely considering the needs according to their age,” he explained.
It’s not over, we’re taking it to the South Sumatra Police
For the families of the victims, Romy said that the family should remain patient and respect the legal process that is being carried out and will be carried out by the OKU Selatan Police.

“We appreciate and respect the work of Polres in OKU Selatan. We will see in a few days. Father and Mother should be patient first. If later there is no clarity in the resolution of this case, we will take this issue to the South Sumatra Police,” said Romy, matter which made the victim’s family feel a little comfort.

Separately, Jon Kenedi, SH, a lawyer working in Palembang and Lubuklinggau, Musi Rawas, Musi Rawas Utara and Jakarta, as the victim’s assistant explained, according to the post-mortem examination from OKU Selatan Hospital, and for the purpose of investigation, the Police of OKU Selatan should arrest the perpetrators immediately.

“The victim is the crown witness and the results of the autopsy can also be the first basis for Polres to arrest the criminals,” Jonkei, a close friend of Jon Kenedi, after a complaint from the victim’s parents at the Palembang KPAI. , Friday, May 26, 2024.

Don’t be like a hermit crab

According to a South Sumatran lawyer student, Febuar Rahman, SH, cases of child abuse are lex specialis (special) and the crime of sexual abuse of children or sexual abuse of children enters the public domain, not an offense of complaint, but usually. or general error. Therefore, according to the former activist of 1998, this case does not need to wait for the report of the victim.

“There have been complaints from the victim’s family in this case, why have the police not taken any action yet? In addition, the victim already has a post mortem? What do the OKU Selatan police have?” he insisted.

Jonkei stressed that solving cases of mysterious crimes like this cannot be like a wild crab waiting for hot air to leave its nest.

“If you do not blow the wild crab, it does not move. Like this, if there is no pressure from above, or the pressure of the media does not move, and it is not resolved, what is the difference with the wild crab?” said Jonkei, who had already responded to a number of similar cases in Palembang and Lubuk Linggau.

An important thing that should be considered by Polres, if this case is not answered immediately which can reduce the victim’s family, it is feared that something bad will happen. As a conflict between villagers.

“We are a country with the rule of law, that is why the law enforcement agencies should respond to this matter immediately, so that the citizens and the families of the victims do not take the law into their own hands. If it is still slow, my team and I will continue to monitor it. If necessary, we will build a union, we will go to the streets and take legal action. If you really have to lie to the South Sumatra Police as a course of action, why not? The goal is for the police to take immediate action against the perpetrators. Basically, fiat justitia ruat caelum (justice be maintained, even if the sky falls. No matter how bad the situation, the law must remain unshaken),” said Jonkei.