Overseas votes reached Ankara

After the voting activity was completed in the offices of foreign representatives, the votes cast in the countries where Turkish citizens live in Europe were brought to Ankara by chartered planes.

The planes named “Çatalhöyük”, “Lale(Tulip)” and “TC-LOH” of Turkish Airlines, which carried lots, landed at Esenboğa airport at 19.15, 01.50 and 02.40, respectively.

Trip to foreign missions in Turkey

İsmail Emrah Karayel, Deputy Chairman of the Joint Commission of the Parliament of Turkey and the European Union (EU) (KPK) and Member of Parliament of the AK Party, who was in charge of the first plane that landed at the airport, emphasized that the voting process you were made by. take special security measures.

Noting that there was a large turnout this time compared to the first round of the presidential election, Karayel said, “Our overseas representatives also had five days to vote. This time, our people participated actively. They cast their votes in large numbers. weekend.” he said.

Karayel said that the large participation in the second round is an indicator of the democratic maturity of the Turkish people.

Lawyer Onur Kılıç, CHP Member of the Overseas District Election Board, who served as a political party representative during the transfer of votes, also spoke about the efforts to safely deliver the votes cast abroad to Ankara.

Explaining that his party is making great efforts to increase the level of participation in elections abroad, Kılıç said, “As an organization of the Republican Party, all our members and officials were at the polling station so that the ballot bags could not leave our eyes for a while , so that we don’t disturb the electoral security chain.” say.

The votes were transferred under tight security measures.

As the planes landed, the sealed bags containing the lots were transported to trucks.

At 03.35, after the completion of the transfer of votes by trucks and the recording of minutes, the trucks moved together with the police. Representatives of political parties were also included in the convoy formed for security purposes.

Ballots were submitted to the Overseas District Electoral Board at the ATO Meeting.

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