Ordinary cars met in Ankara

Ordinary cars met in Ankara

Ankara City Public Meeting, which was held for the third time this year, classic car He brought his fans together.

40 classic cars with many colors and different models participated in the event held by the Riders Brothers Car Club at the Youth Sports and Sports Club area in Çankaya.

Speaking to the AA reporter about the organization where various events took place, Hadi Turus, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Traditional Sports Branches of Turkey and President of the Youth Club of Traditional Sports and Sports, said:

“As a Federation, we have to carry the virtues of the past to the future. We are looking for ways to carry the beauty of the past to the future with the presence of classic cars here. We are glad that we did it. We are fighting for our youth and children to live in peace with their past, we want to develop our children here with traditional sports. We are connected to nature at the 32 decares area. We show what happened in the past and what kind of infrastructure our history has. We know that ordinary cars are love. We wanted to take action together so that this love continues and is sustainable .”

Emphasizing that families spend time with their children in the Youth Club of Traditional Sports and Sports for peace of mind, Turus said, “We have created a place like the World Ethnosport Federation and the Turkish Traditional Sports Federation. We can play our sports here. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who is important in this, said: We would also like to thank the President of the World Ethnos Sports Federation, Mr. Necmettin Bilal Erdoğan, and the President of the Turkish Traditional Sports Federation Hakan Kazancı. his.

Deha Soycan, President of the Riders Brothers Automobile Club, said that they organized the event in good weather and said, “We are organizing the City Rally for fun. The reason we set a limit of 40 cars is related to the importance of the organization. It takes a long time. . Games are played in 5-6 stations. That’s why we are reducing to 40 cars. We are happy to be here.” say.

Orhan Gürkan, one of the owners of the car, expressed his happiness and said, “I like American cars. Their tops, hoods and engine sounds attract me. We also make good friends here. This car is a 1976 Buick model car. Regal. . It has almost everything for its year. Air conditioning, Power seat and automatic transmission. It’s a fun car to drive.” he said.

Evren Yılmaz, who participated in the organization with a car he bought 6 years ago, said, “An organization with the flavor of a union celebration is held here. There was a break from the epidemic. We got relief because of the vaccination. I have been here with a car model of Opel 1978. I have had it for 5-6 years. I tried to close it a little. Classic “The car is a matter of taste. Some people buy together, others like to spend time in the industry. This requires time, effort and budget,” he said.

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