OPTIMA and DOGA brush range more complete than ever

OPTIMA and DOGA brush range more complete than ever

A DOGA strengthened its range of OPTIMA brushes by including new references, for the models DACIA SANDERO III, DACIA JOGGER, CUPRA BORN, AUDI Q4 SUV (F4B), VOLKSWAGEN ID.4 and T-CRUZAR

The OPTIMA range consists of three main parts: Optima SET 2X, Optima HFIT 2X and Optima Rear, each designed to meet the most demanding needs of drivers.

Optima SET 2X offers 2 brush kits designed for direct and complete replacement of the car’s front brush. Each Optima SET reference is presented with the exact specifications required to ensure that the replacement brush is the same as the original brush. Additionally, they come with pre-assembled adapters, which simplify installation and ensure a perfect fit.

The Optima SET 2X range is constantly updated to provide options for its many vehicle services on board. time to choose
Optima SET 2X, users benefit from better visibility, better cleaning and increased driving safety.

For vehicles with conventional or hybrid metallic brushes, the Optima HFIT 2X section offers restoration kits that allow the brushes to be renewed. These kits come with pre-assembled adapters and plug-and-play technology, which simplifies installation and improves brush performance and durability.

Finally, the Optima’s Rear section offers vehicle-specific rear spoilers.

These brushes have a streamlined design that reduces noise and increases efficiency. In addition, it includes a system that allows quick and easy installation on any type of back arm. The Optima Rear range offers 95% coverage of the circular garden.