Operator INFINITI arrives with the desire to go beyond the mobile phone

Operator INFINITI arrives with the desire to go beyond the mobile phone

In an exclusive Minha Operadora interview, the CEO talked about PIX’s impact on digital operations and more; meet INFINITI.

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Another MVNO? Yes, that is the inevitable question that many must have asked when they learned about the launch of INFINITI in the mobile phone market. But, market saturation is not scary for the company. At least that was the impression left.

In recent days, My Carrier had the opportunity to meet and talk with Ilber Ragno, the CEO of the whole operation.

In more than 40 minutes of the interview, it was possible to understand the goals and, above all, INFINITI’s identity in the market. An operator who is willing to embrace new times and be an alternative for those who can no longer face the usual problems of large telecommunications.

For the creation of the company, the CEO added all his experience of 16 years in the area of ​​telecommunications and technology with the proposal of investors.

Talks started at the end of 2018, but a trip to the United States made the idea even more important. There, the presence of a stronger and more established MVNO market made the operators a good reference.

“We know the market from Sprint and from other companies that work with MVNO’s. I brought this to Brazil to think how we can innovate and bring something different to the market. We brought loads from outside Brazil, of things that worked there”, insisted Ragno.

Thus was born an operator, with the promise of being fully digital with the whole country. It’s not exactly a revolution in the lives of Brazilian consumers, but the company bets on differences that can be real “keys” at the moment of choice.

One idea is to put the customer in control, leaving them with full management of their phone plan. Like? All through the application, which will even be used to solve technical issues and be free to exchange and renew packages when needed.

Obviously, working in these ways requires investment in well-optimized technology and software.

Regarding this segment, INFINITI has invested in qualified professionals to work in every aspect of this operation, as well as what is yet to come. The idea is to ensure better provision for people’s participation in development. Even in attendance, as online helpers are increasing.

“Our intention is for the customer to be able to solve everything on the mobile phone, but not just the little things” – Ilber Ragno.

Practical and digital resolution, through applications, should not be limited to additions and other activities considered “minor”. Customer service, for example, discussed later, is an important pillar for INFINITI.

Regarding the application, Ragno is critical and says that there is still a lot to improve, but he wants to rely on the cooperation of the client in this area.

In this case, the company wants the user to say what he really needs from the program, as well as the service that has already been provided. Another novel technology is the payment method.

There is an understanding that the target audience has controlled data usage, balancing their use with home Wi-Fi, but requires a mobile connection wherever they are.

“From Uber drivers to entrepreneurs, our audience is very unique. In this, it is important to recognize that everyone needs different services”, it emphasizes.

The advance of digital accounts, with free and instant transfers, is cited as an example. INFINITI wants to improve so that the customer has several payment methods and speed in the process.


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Impact of PIX on digital activity

The launch of PIX reigns among the most discussed financial issues today and there will also be an impact on mobile operators.

In the activities of INFINITI, Ilber Ragno explains that the company is well connected with the relationship with new technologies. But, at this time, it is still important to understand and try public adaptation.

Virtual operator software

The benefits are already visible. Recharging a bank document, for example, can take 20 minutes or even less, as he explains.

“There are some things that will still remain, which are bills and credit cards, which with PIX we will be able to simplify certain functions. Our process of depositing has already started some time ago”, it explains.

However, it is a subject that can be better explored after the launch, as some issues are still unclear in the overall context.

A promise of “stress-free” service.

Another important topic discussed by the executive is customer service. After all, this is the biggest “Achilles heel” of operators.

The operation is divided into regions where the customer is served by a specialist in his area. Someone who can speak about advertising and local issues with more authority.

“As much as we can, we will use people to serve people. We even try to find a belt. We were able to direct the person to be served by someone who knows the customer’s location. It is the intention where one feels most comfortable”, explain.

In this section, we seek to understand if INFINITI will rely on outsourced companies to provide services or if it has built its own team.

And the operator’s statement is that all the professionals involved in the service are employed by the company itself. Some far away and others isolated. There are even preparations for great demand.

Ilber notes that two scenarios were simulated,

“We can arrange a faster service. (…) If the section is overcrowded, the user is sent to level 2”, explain.

But if you compare it to a call center there is a big difference. Telephone service is sometimes misrepresented. A virtual network can be more flexible by using the various resources available.

INFINITI flagship
INFINITI flagship

If someone does not understand how the program works, it is possible to quickly send an explanatory picture. If a user wants to talk about a ticket they didn’t pay for, they can send a receipt immediately, among other benefits.

From Ragno’s point of view, chat is also more powerful and easier to understand the reason for customer communication.

The tool allows the operator to see if the user has resumed communication with any question, what path they took on the site, as well as identifying what difficulties they may encounter at the portal, and the user journey.

Problems are easily seen by the professional who provides the service, unlike on the phone, where the employee only needs to listen until he understands what is happening.

“In the coming months we intend to launch a 24/7 service. At the moment we have a very strong audience at night, but what we have today is the possibility to log in, send questions and be answered by people who are on duty via email”, account.

The intention is for the user to be able to solve even technical problems within the application. INFINITI wants to move management into the hands of the user.

“If today we have 50,000 people in the chat, we can handle it. There is time to change, but it does not prevent fast service “, commented ragno.


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Select Surf as enable

In the announcement of the start of the activity, which caused distrust among the readers of the book My Carrier was the choice of use the waves like enabling INFINITI.

The company, also responsible for virtual operators such as Letter It is to interveneran into problems recently and left some customers wondering about the delay in the resolution.

Regarding this issue, Ilber Ragno claims that he has no authority to comment on what happened, but the company’s choice was the result of a very diligent investigation, which began in January 2019.

“We tried to find someone who had the technical knowledge of the industry as well as the technical standards associated with what INFINITI does. he has”, important things.

The CEO claims that the desire for a fully digital operation limited Surf’s way.

“To be a digital operator, you need to be 100% in the network. Some operators had difficulty understanding the hiring process, APIS and technical parts, which were more difficult. So we looked for someone who had more time in the market”, Ragno’s account.

The process of serving all of Brazil is also complex. Therefore, an enabler was needed to bring about this possibility.

“Today the technology is already different. We don’t have problems with portability, internet and we are already on 4.5G”, he commented, referring to Surf’s latest troubles.

Plans, offers and more future of mobile phone

INFINITI's current plans
INFINITI’s current plans

It is undeniable that the competition will be fierce. his own TIMfor example, the operator that INFINITI will use to provide services to users, has TIM Beta, which offers 20 GB for R$ 60.

In this regard, the company is aware that there will not always be competition in this matter.

“If that person came to us, it is because he has some discomfort”, insists Ilber.

With the sentence above, the executive sets the context in which his service provider will walk to win over consumers. The idea is to attract an audience dissatisfied with what they have and with a desire for a different performance.

Ragno comments that he knows what operators offer. These are bundles of benefits, combos that provide double the speed of broadband, among other benefits, but this is not always what the customer wants.

The CEO mentions companies like Uber and Ifood and says that INFINITI wants to be a digital operator based on these popular services.

Booking of plans will be completely easy and free for users. The novel coronavirus pandemic, for example, has forced many people to stay at home and reduce the use of mobile data for several users.

Advertisements tab on the INFINITI website
Advertisements tab on the INFINITI website

In such cases, INFINITI will offer complete freedom to exchange packages without any payment or trust. All at the discretion of the user. If you don’t use it, stock up. And if you hire a package that goes beyond what you need, just switch.

In addition, the CEO announces that he will have a good refund program for those who refer friends and promises more information, which will confirm the difference in the operator market.

The information is still confidential, but when we asked if the company is going beyond mobile phones, Ilber Ragno quickly gave an affirmative answer.

“If some information is released, it will be disturbing. You haven’t seen it and you don’t even know it. People will wonder: was it not just a carrier?, the top.

INFINITI’s current market development and goals

Finally, we cover topics that continue to rise in the telecommunications market, such as 5G and the sale of Oi Móvel.

As for the fifth-generation hybrid, INFINITI will not have any participation in the auction. However, there is a box of projects that are just waiting for the first definition of the technology to be opened.

In the section where he comments on Oi Móvel, Ragno says that it would be interesting to have a fourth player in the market, but he does not see the movement in a negative way.

“I really believe when it comes to Anatel. I know that no agency decision will be so arbitrary as to leave the entire infrastructure in the hands of a few. I’m sure the best decision was made.”, it confirms.

Regarding the company’s estimate, the desire is to have 50 thousand customers by the end of 2020. In two weeks of launch, the brand won more than 2 thousand users.

For 2021, the idea is to double the goal to 100,000 chips by December. Watch the video below with great events and news for readers My Carrierin the last few minutes.