Opening orders for Tesla Model S and Model X Dual Motor

Opening orders for Tesla Model S and Model X Dual Motor

Tesla has just announced the opening of the order books for two new versions of the Model S and X, called Dual Motor. Their freedom is adjusted upwards, without affecting their performance. First deliveries are expected by March.

After the Plaid version, the Tesla Model S adds a new string to its bow with the Dual Motor variant. The Model X SUV is also eligible. With this new version, the two models have two magnetic motors for four-wheel drive. Their bodies benefit from minor modifications intended to make them lighter, further reducing their aerodynamic drag coefficient. You are here declares 634 kilometers of freedom for Example Sand 576 km per An example X according to the WLTP certification cycle.

New options and still a lot of functionality

The addition of an additional electric motor does not prevent it Example S and X to be effective, apart from that! The American brand has contacted several figures, the two cars are still interesting. The sedan can hit 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, while the SUV takes care of it in 3.9 seconds. In terms of price, the Model S Dual Motor is shown from 113,990 euros, against 121,990 euros for the Model X Dual Motor. The first delivery should be made before the end of the first quarter of 2023.

On the other hand, You are here take advantage of the new year to add new developments to the Model X and Model S lineups. The branding disappears from the tailgate, giving way to the “Tesla” monogram. Red brake calipers are added to the standard equipment of the Plaid versions, and it is now possible to choose a standard round steering wheel, at no extra cost.