One of the amber worth 36 million TL in Turkey


I think on the food chain is an understatement for him. High, tasteful, more elaborate, more thoughtful, yes, maybe more expensive. The staff at Goodwood, England, have only one goal: to deliver the best, exactly, the way they want it.

Is the number too many or not? 6000 special cars are offered as a work of art, a show of skill, a magnet of attraction and a symbol of respect. Suddenly I found myself in Riga, a small country, by phone with the invitation of Hilal Aysal, Queen and Vice President of Royal Motors, the Turkish representative of Rolls-Royce.

Yes, works of art, or the model family of Rolls-Royce lined up like pearls. We flew in a Phantom, called Generation 8. We were probably the most photographed people in the city of Riga, which has a population of about 350,000. We are not spoiled. It took a long time for me to even get behind the wheel of the car, I lingered while straining myself, I may have even tried to break the door lock button.

The simplicity of the interior …

The ease of the keys in the interior, the fact that the bed that rotates under the gas pedal is more comfortable than the bed in my house, the power of the 12-cylinder engine 6.7 liters, 563 HP, and 900 Nm. car torque, and car rearing almost every time you press the gas. 5 test cars made up the length in a row so that we could not pass any green light together, each time they were caught at the last red. Every time we were caught, we were caught in the lens.

While at the launch, we saw a very special show live. After 2 years of work and a lot of amber inspiration, I also reviewed the Ghost Amber Roads edition, which will be released in only 12 units. One of this special edition, which has a tax-free price of 470,000 Euros, was sold for 1,774,720 Euros for the tax control of our country, that is, about 36 million TL, quoted for Turkey and already sold.

Turkey is a very important market for Rolls-Royce. With sales of 0 and the second, our country is one of the key points of the British brand and the rise seems to continue. Let’s see when we see it on the streets.

cotton steering wheel, massage seats

The quilted steering wheel, the massage seats, the touch screen, the upholstery, the stitching, the seats that always make you feel handcrafted. It is a moving work of art. People want to enjoy this time, don’t worry, they also have an umbrella. The big rear-wheel drive machine is so heavy (3.3 tons) that on snowy roads it doesn’t speak for me, it makes me happy, the suspension glides over you like you’re on a flying carpet, and turns on the music. The system is like attending a live concert.

Yes, there is no simple technology in this, for example, there is a large TV in the back seat, relaxing massage seats, but there is no simple payment tray, but who cares? I love the leather handles around the seats, they look very old school to me. I mean, it’s not like I said “get my plane ready” from the back seat. Fortunately the trip was short, I woke up immediately.

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