On the eve of the launch, the Dream Car Museum is hosting a meeting of the Chrysler Clube do Brasil

On the eve of the launch, the Dream Car Museum is hosting a meeting of the Chrysler Clube do Brasil

Last weekend, the event brought together around 80 people in the Development of São Roque – SP, which is open to the public on the 9th and 10th of December.

With less than two weeks left before its launch, the Dream Car Museum received, this Saturday (25), a visit of 50 cars and 80 members of the Chrysler Clube do Brasil. The promotion, located in São Roque (SP) and which will be open to the public on December 9 and 10, hosted the club’s traditional year-end celebrations. “All members liked the modern infrastructure offered by the complex, which is international and equipped with new technologies, including providing chargers for electric vehicles. “It will definitely be a great success”praises the president of Chrysler Clube do Brasil, Lincoln Gomes de Oliveira.

Even the light rain that fell in São Roque on Saturday did not dampen the enthusiasm of the club’s members. Among the participants, there were those who traveled nearby, from the capital of São Paulo, as well as lovers who traveled from afar: from Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. Among the models were models of the new generation of Chrysler, such as the Dodge Viper GTS and the New Challenger eight (models from 2008 to 2023), as well as the old ones that marked the era, such as the Plymouth Road Runner 1972, Plymouth Barracuda 1970, Challenger 1970 and Dodge Charger 1968 American. There was also no shortage of Grand Cherokee SRT, Dodge Dakota, Durango and Nitro, as well as national models of the Dodge Dart and Charger RT.

About Chrysler Clube do Brasil

Chrysler Clube do Brasil was founded in 1999 and, since 2000, has been affiliated with the Brazilian Federation of Modern Cars (FBVA). Currently, the club has about 250 members and holds its annual meeting, the Mopar Nationals, which usually takes place on the last weekend of August and, in 2024, reaches its 20th edition.

Since the preparations for the opening of the project are already in the final stage, the event included a preliminary opening, which was like a test of public reception. “We were very pleased with the invitation from the Dream Car Museum to host our year-end celebration. We are already analyzing a new date for the meeting in 2024. We, at the Chrysler Club, have supported the idea from the beginning and will always be there to strengthen this partnership “, adds President Lincoln Gomes de Oliveira. About 30 cars from Mercedes-Benz Club Brasil also visited the complex on Saturday.

A 1970 Plymouth Superbird is on display in a museum collection

Muscle cars, of course, will not be missing from the collection of the Fantasy Car Museum. One of the highlights is Chrysler’s prototype, the 1970 Plymouth Superbird that dominated Nascar racing. With a rear wing higher than the roof, the car – in a striking yellow color – is currently the only one in Brazil in roadworthy condition. Your V8 engine “poison” It has more than 500 hp. The Superbird recently won the Best of the Best award at two important car meetings in Brazil: Águas de Lindóia (SP) and Expoclassic (RS).

In addition to the permanent exhibition of vintage cars, Dream Car Museum is an entertainment and entertainment specially designed for the whole family that includes a go-kart track, a themed amusement park, 23 shops, 4 restaurants, an event hall and even a church. The project is already in the final stage of construction and will generate 250 jobs, including direct and indirect jobs, strengthening the economy and tourism in this region.

The new development is located less than an hour (63 km) by car from São Paulo, near the highways of Castello Branco and Raposo Tavares. No need to spend money on plane tickets or plan your trip in advance: just check in with your family. The neighborhood of Canguera, where the building was strategically built, is part of the Wine Route, a popular tourist route that includes around 30 wineries, wineries, hotels, guest houses and entertainment centers.

The dream car museum will open to the public on the second weekend of December. As additional attractions, there will be two car meetings starting at 9am: Porsches (Discussion Club), on the 9th, and high-end sports cars, on the 10th.


Dream Car Museum

  • Address: Estrada do Vinho, 7,901, Canguera neighborhood, São Roque, São Paulo
  • Opening: December 9 and 10, 2023
  • Attractions: a museum with 145 rare vehicles (85 cars, 20 motorcycles and 40 bicycles), a kart track, an amusement park, 23 shops, 4 restaurants, an event hall and a church.
  • Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm
  • Values:
    Access to the complex: free
    Parking: R$ 20.00
    Museum: R$ 76.59 per person, tickets are available on the website or www.dl7tickets.com.br/dreamcarmuseum

Text and photos: Fantasy Car Museum press office